Joseph Coscarelli

Adjunct Instructor

Joe Coscarelli

Joe Coscarelli is a culture reporter for The New York Times with a focus on popular music, and the author of “Rap Capital: An Atlanta Story.” 

Since joining The Times in 2014, he has aimed to pull back the curtain on the music industry’s biggest stars, hit songs, emerging artists and influential behind-the-scenes connectors via news investigations, in-depth profiles and the video series “Diary of a Song.” He is also a frequent guest on The Times’s music podcast, “Popcast.” 

Coscarelli’s work encompasses the unwieldy world of 21st-century music and its influence on broader culture. He has interviewed Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar, uncovered the complexities of Britney Spears’s career, and explored where rap collides with the criminal justice system. A Florida native and a graduate of New York University, he previously worked at New York magazine and The Village Voice.