Filmmakers K - N


  • Ben Kallam

    Ben Kallam, Grad

    Washed Away

    Ben Kallam is a filmmaker living in Los Angeles, CA. After growing up and attending college in Alabama, he spent two years teaching high school math in the Bay Area...

  • Suzie Kang

    Suzie Kang, UG


    Suzie Kang is a NYC/Seoul based animator and illustrator. She likes collecting ideas.

  • Youmin Kang

    Youmin Kang, Grad

    Ava from My Class

    Youmin Kang is a writer/director from Seoul, Korea. She's currently a third year graduate student at NYU film.

  • Na'ama Keha

    Na'ama Keha, Grad


    Born in an Israeli Kibbutz, Na’ama Keha is an award-winning New York-based filmmaker, currently pursuing her MFA in Film Production at NYU Tisch. She is the recipient of the Tisch Dean’s Fellowship...

  • Harvey Kingsley-Elton

    Harvey Kingsley-Elton, UG

    A Good Home

    Born in the UK, Harvey began as a freelance director/cinematographer, producing videos for the Leicester City Council, charities and schools...

  • Mike Klubeck

    Mike Klubeck, UG

    All Night Long

    Mike Klubeck grew up in Old Bridge, NJ. After discovering his love for film directing, he moved to New York City in 2016 to pursue his passions at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

  • Georgia Krause

    Georgia Krause, UG

    Grid Girls

    Originally from North Carolina, Georgia Krause is a Brooklyn based documentary filmmaker and cinematographer. She currently shoots, edits, and directs for the ABC digital brand Localish.



  • Maria Lavelle

    Maria Lavelle, Grad

    Holy Jail

    Maria Lavelle made her directorial debut in 2016 with an award-winning documentary featuring the homeless population in South Dakota—where she completed her undergraduate studies in journalism and theatre.

  • Audrey Leach

    Audrey Leach, UG


    Audrey Anna Leach is a New York City based filmmaker. At NYU, she directed and edited 2 of her own films, as well as editing many of her fellow classmates’ narrative films.

  • Anneliese Lee-Reid

    Anneliese Lee-Reid, UG

    Dinner With George

    Raised in South Minneapolis, Anneliese Lee-Reid began her creative career in theater acting at the age of six. Her passion slowly turned towards directing as she grew up...

  • Noah LePage

    Noah LePage, UG


    Noah LePage is a young filmmaker from rural Maine currently based in New York City where he is the Head of Creative Development at production company 1stAveMachine.

  • Qiying Lin

    Qiying Lin, Grad

    Secret Base

    Lin Qiying is a Chinese born filmmaker based in Guangdong and New York. Coming from a design background, Qiying is currently a Graduate Filmmaking student in NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

  • Christopher Lizza

    Christopher Lizza, UG

    The Great Imitator

    Christopher Lizza is a filmmaker and writer who was born and raised in New Jersey. He has directed, produced and written numerous short films and documentaries.

  • Alyssa Loh

    Alyssa Loh, Grad

    Other Bodies

    Alyssa Loh is an artist living in New York. She is pursuing a joint MBA/MFA in film at New York University. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa with Honors from Princeton University, where she received the Ward Mathis Award for best short story.



  • Charlotte Manning

    Charlotte Manning, UG

    Hello, My Friend

    Charlotte has proudly worked for Academy Award-winning producer Scott Rudin, director Michael Mooreand theatre agent Leah Hamos at The Gersh Agency.

  • Robert Daniel Martin

    Robert Daniel Martin, Grad

    State of the Game

    Robert Daniel Martin is an American-born filmmaker who was selected to attend New York University’s acclaimed Tisch Asia campus in Singapore. While attending this unique graduate film school...

  • Gustavo Milan

    Gustavo Milan, Grad

    Under the Heavens

    2010: bachelor in law at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado - FAAP (Brazil); 2014: graduated at Les Atelier Varan school of documentaries (Paris);

  • Sean Millea

    Sean Millea, UG

    The Turtle in the Sink

    New Jersey comedian who likes making art but hates the word artist. Too nice for his own good. Smart idiot. Bad at bio writing.

  • Noelia María Muíño González

    Noelia María Muíño González, Grad

    Monte Bravo

    Noelia Muíño (Galicia, 1992) is a former editor for 'The New York Times', and a 3rd year student at the Master in Film Directing from New York University (USA). Noelia is a writer, producer, director and editor both of short films and documentaries.

  • Evan Murray

    Evan Murray, UG


    Evan Murray is a writer and director based in Brooklyn, New York. Since graduation, Evan has been working on several feature and pilot scripts while finishing his thesis film, Cicadas. Evan currently works at Innovative Artists as a talent assistant.



  • Lily Newton

    Lily Newton, UG

    Bait & Tackle

    A writer, director, and editor originally from North Carolina, Lily recently graduated from NYU where she received a degree in Film and Television. Having worked primarily as an editor for the past 5 years...

  • Anike Niemeyer

    Anike Niemeyer, UG

    Nowhere, Forever

    Anike Niemeyer has been dedicated to filmmaking and its various mediums throughout her life. After taking her first film production course at age seven, she decided to pursue a career in visual and creative arts.

  • Max Novick

    Max Novick, UG


    Long-Island born Max Novick is a storyteller focused on how we construct our identities. He's worked on sets since Middle School and has experience in the office-world working for companies such as the Weinstein Company and Bleecker Street.