Filmmakers O - S


  • Jillian Ostrander

    Jillian Ostrander, UG

    Rabbit Holes are Just Top Hats, Really.

    Here’s the scoop! This hotsy-totsy doodler has got the moxie of a million cups of joe! She brings gusto to the humdrum in her quirky little tales of darling misfits keeping their chins up in life.



  • Anthony Plantyn

    Anthony Plantyn, UG


    Anthony Plantyn is an animator, designer, and musician based in New York City with aspirations of breaking into the animation industry.



  • Eris Qian

    Eris Qian, Grad

    Mother Tongue

    Eris Qian is based in New York City and considers herself a global nomad. Born and raised in China, she lived and studied in 5 continents to explore her passion and creativity.



  • Steven Raia

    Steven Raia, UG

    Understudy Angel

    Steven Raia is a writer, director, and investor. He has worked on shows for Adult Swim and Funny or Die.

  • Artemiy Repin

    Artemiy Repin, UG

    The Feud

    Artemiy Repin is an award-winning director, producer and writer. A recent Tisch graduate he has been working on sets for commercials of such companies as Bvlgari and Alexandre...

  • Michael Roth

    Michael Roth, Grad

    An Old Story

    Michael Roth has worked on productions in nine different countries and uses that global experience to shape his stories with a unique perspective on life and nature.



  • David Scherker

    David Scherker, UG

    Finca Farm

    David Scherker has been practicing filmmaking for over a decade. While attending NYU, he worked with Professor Sam Pollard, who introduced him to post-production.

  • Jun Sekiya

    Jun Sekiya, UG


    Jun Sekiya grew up in Yokohama, Japan, on “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and the films of Hayao Miyazaki. He moved to New York City to study filmmaking at NYU and graduated in May of 2018.

  • Artemis Shaw

    Artemis Shaw, Grad

    Real Talk

    Artemis Shaw is a Greek-American filmmaker and educator whose work spans interactive, documentary, and narrative filmmaking.

  • Jorge Sistos Moreno

    Jorge Sistos Moreno, Grad

    La Oscuridad

    Born and raised in the city of Morelia, México. Now based in NY. Jorge Sistos Moreno is a director focused on fiction and documentary.

  • Talia Smith

    Talia Smith, UG


    Talia Smith is a filmmaker born and raised in South Africa. Her country's rich heritage inspired her storytelling aspirations from a young age and at 8 she decided she would one day move to New York...

  • Ehud Sopher

    Ehud Sopher, UG

    Day 9

    Ehud Sopher grew up experiencing film as a portal through which he could connect with others. The screen provided a teasing hospitality that reflected onto his very own writing...

  • Samuel Stulin

    Samuel Stulin, UG


    Sam is a director and editor from Needham, Massachusetts. He gravitates toward stories that are controversial and perspective changing. Anything that delves beneath society’s gilded tendencies.