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Step 1 - Activate your NYU NetID to access Albert

You will access Albert, NYU's registration system, through your NYUHome account. To access NYUHome, you first need to activate your NetID by following these instructions. Once activated, you will be able to sign into Albert. The Advisor Approval Hold will be automatically removed prior to your registration time.

Step 2 - Review Fall Semester Required Classes

First-Year students are randomly assigned to either an Audio Semester track or a Visual Semester track for the fall semester. Each group will switch tracks in the following spring semester. Transfer students are assigned a different track.

You will be contacted in early June with specific procedures and more information about registration.

Audio Semester (First-Year students only)

Sound Image - FMTV-UT 48 4 units
Storytelling Strategies - FMTV-UT 20 4 units
Freshmen Colloquium: Performance Strategies - FMTV-UT 46
2 units
Expository Writing – Art and the World - EXPOS-UA 5 4 units
General Education Course of your choice - XXXX-UA 4 units
See all Film & TV Curriculum 18 units

Visual Semester (Freshman only)

Frame & Sequence - FMTV-UT 39 or
Intoduction to Animation - FMTV-UT 41 or 
First Person Narrative - FMTV-UT 47
4 units
The Language of Film - FMTV-UT 4 4 units
Freshmen Colloquium: Art & Practice - FMTV-UT 49 2 units
Expository Writing – Art and the World - EXPOS-UA 5 4 units
General Education Course of your choice - XXXX-UA 4 units
See all Film & TV Curriculum 18 units

Transfer track fall semester

Sight & Sound: Filmmaking, Studio, or Documentary - FMTV-UT 43, 80 or 51 6 units
Storytelling Strategies (or appropriate Screenwriting course chosen in consultation with your academic advisor) - FMTV-UT 20 4 units
History & Criticism - FMTV-UT (?) 3 units
Production Safety and Set Protocol - FMTV-UT 101 1 unit
Expository Writing – Art and the World - EXPOS-UA 5* 4 units
See all Film & TV Curriculum 18 units

*Transfer students select a General Education Course (XXXX-UA) in place of the Expository Writing requirement if you have fulfilled this requirement. Refer to your Statement of Transfer Credit for fulfilled requirements. If it has been determined, after consultation with your academic advisor, that you have completed/transferred 44 credits in general education credits, you should enroll in a second Craft or History and Criticism course.

Step 3 - Search and Choose Classes in Albert

Login to Albert. Search classes by course code and course number. The -UT suffix denotes classes in the Tisch School of the Arts. The -UA suffix denotes classes in the College of Arts and Science. Use class numbers to register for courses.

The Albert Student Center is your self-service tool for registration needs. Review the Albert Help Guides to learn features like how to register for courses and to add yourself to a wait list by using the "swapping classes" function.

After you register for courses, you will receive an email from the Bursar to view your E-bill for tuition, fees, and housing. Please pay by the payment due date or you will be de-enrolled from your courses for non-payment.

When you arrive on campus in August, you will meet with your academic advisor who will review the fall schedule for which you’ve enrolled. If necessary, changes in your program can be made at that time.

Have Registration Questions? Contact Film & TV Office of Academic Support Services at 212-998-1703 or 212-998-1814 or


Michael Burke, Associate Dean
Ezra Sacks, Chair
Wendy Kaplan Goldberg - Director of Administration, Film and New Media
Academic Support -
Location: 721 Broadway, 11th Floor