Student Life

College is a time of exciting intellectual, artistic, and personal exploration and growth. NYU and Tisch have a wide range of resources to help you make friends, find your community, discover new interests, and stay healthy. 

Getting Involved

Students who get involved in clubs and organizations on campus are more satisfied with their college experience and do better in the classroom. There are literally hundreds of clubs to choose from at NYU and Tisch. Use the links to get started.

Leadership Opportunities

Student life at NYU affords many leadership opportunities for those looking to go beyond just getting involved in the University community.  There are a variety of social programs, groups and clubs looking for students eager to develop leadership skills by taking primary roles in their organizations. 

The NYU Center for Student Life

Are you a commuter?  Interested in leadership opportunities? Student in the Military?  Do you have children?  Are you a transfer student?  The NYU Center for Student Life (CSL) works with a variety of student groups and gives them a home away from home for programs and activities.

Health and Wellness

Staying healthy is fundamental to success in and outside the classroom. NYU has many resources to help you stay healthy and to attend to your needs when you are not. See how we can help you.