Advisement & Academic Services

Need advice? We’ve got you covered.

What courses should I take next semester? What are the remaining requirements to fulfill for my major? When should I study abroad? These are just some of the questions that an academic advisor in your department can help answer. While each department handles academic advising differently, advising is core to every department’s mission.

The Academic Services staff in the Office of Student Affairs is also here to help. We handle the awarding of AP credits, registration changes, minors, second majors, exceptions to academic policies, and anything else related to your academic life. We also work closely with department advisors to to make sure you get the best possible guidance.

Academic Advising at Tisch

You will meet with an academic advisor at least once a semester to discuss course selections for the following term, but you can also schedule additional meetings as questions arise throughout the year. To get the most out of your meeting with your advisor, it’s important to come prepared. Here are some tips:

Review your academic requirements in Albert ahead of time.

You will find your academic requirements in the drop-down menu under your academics tab in Albert. This is essentially an audit of your progress toward your degree: courses taken, requirements fulfilled, requirements remaining to be fulfilled. Print out a copy of your academic requirements and bring it to your meeting with your advisor.

Make a list of courses you are interested in taking.

Take advantage of the course search function in Albert and discover the vast academic riches of NYU. Make a list of interesting courses that would satisfy general education requirements and electives, and bring the list to your meeting with your advisor.

Academic Services

The Academic Services team supplements departmental advising and is here to advise you in any area of your academic life at Tisch. Contact us if you have any questions about registration, degree requirements, study away, minors, exceptions to policies, or anything else related to your academic career.

We are located in the Tisch Office of Student Affairs and we are here to help you. Call 212-998-1900 or email us to arrange a time to meet.

Here are some additional resources to keep in mind: