Tisch Graduation

Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

Tisch's graduation ceremony, SALUTE, is an affectionate farewell tribute from the faculty and staff of the Tisch School of the Arts to the graduating class on Friday, May 17th at Radio City Music Hall from 11AM - 1PM.

To celebrate our 1500+ graduating students, the show features a student processional and live performances, as well as words of wisdom from our dean, a distinguished keynote speaker, a member of the graduating class, and department chairs. Students are not called individually to the stage, but instead walk with their departmental peers. The entire event, including the student processional, will be broadcast on Radio City's jumbo screens and livestreamed for guests cheering on from afar.



1) Save the date and let your family and friends know!

2) Check that you are eligible to graduate and have applied for September 2023, January 2024, or May 2024 graduation. Any September 2024 candidates with up to two outstanding courses wanting to attend Tisch Salute should confirm they've taken the steps needed to receive a Dean's Exception, including applying for September 2024 graduation.

3) Keep an eye on your email in MARCH for communications about tickets to All-NYU Commencent and Tisch Salute, as well as reserving academic attire. Note all deadlines!

4) Check your email for important updates and instructions throughout April and early May.

5) Celebrate and enjoy the end of your journey at Tisch!


How do I reserve tickets?

All eligible graduating students will be invited via NYU email to reserve tickets to NYU Commencement and Tisch Salute in mid March. Remember, you need separate tickets for EACH event. Reserving tickets to NYU Commencement does not guarantee you tickets to Tisch Salute and vice versa.

Only graduating students may reserve tickets. Students are not automatically granted a ticket.

For Commencement ticket information, visit the Commencement site.

How many tickets can I reserve to Tisch Salute?

All guests of Salute, including candidates, must have a ticket to attend. Students must reserve (1) ticket for themselves, and can reserve (2) additional tickets for guests.

How do I get extra tickets to Tisch Salute?

Extra tickets will not be available until after ticket distribution is complete. Students who are interested in extra tickets may enter the ticket lottery at the time of reserving tickets.

Do not buy or sell your tickets. The University has strict rules about buying or selling tickets to graduation activities.

Will I get physical tickets?

No. All tickets will be electronic. Instructions will be sent to students who reserve tickets.

Prohibition of Ticket Sales

NYU strictly prohibits the direct or indirect sale or auction of Tisch Salute tickets. Tickets are free and available only to eligible candidates in the Class of 2024 and their guests. Ticket(s) may not be used for advertising, promotion (including contests, giveaways, or sweepstakes), or other trade or commercial purposes.  Students engaging in such activities, as well as any other activity that disrupts the administration of the ceremony and/or violates the Radio City Music Hall Security Policies or any NYU student conduct policy, will be subject to NYU disciplinary sanctions, including without limitation the delayed issuance of a degree or diploma. Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corporation and NYU reserve the right to investigate violations of the License applicable to NYU's use of Radio City Music Hall.



What is Academic Attire?

Academic attire is your cap, gown, and tassel. For PhD students, academic attire includes a hood.

Is Academic Attire required?

Yes, Academic Attire is required for both NYU Commencement and Tisch Salute. You can wear the same attire; do not return your attire at Commencement if you plan to attend Salute.

How do I order Academic Attire?

Students will be sent information on how to purchase academic attire in mid March. More information is available here.


Over 1,000 students and 5,000 guests will fill Radio City on May 17th!

Students arrive separately from guests and will be directed to a holding space. Tisch staff will greet you and organize you with your peers. It will get crowded and hot, so dress light! You will also be standing for awhile, so wear comfortable shoes.

The student processional is the start of the event. You will walk from the holding space to backstage, and enter and cross the stage in front of the entire audience!

Once offstage, students will be guided to seats together and will sit in the best seats in the house for their graduation ceremony.



Graduation 2024 events

Enjoy a week of celebration for your graduating student!

GRAD ALLEY: Tuesday, May 14, 5PM - 8PM

**Wristbands required**

ALL NYU COMMENCEMENT: Wednesday, May 15, 11AM - 1PM

**Tickets required for students and guests**

TISCH DEAN'S RECEPTION: Thursday, May 16, 2PM - 4PM

**Drop in event. No tickets required**

TISCH SALUTE TO THE CLASS OF 2024: Friday, May 17, 11AM - 1PM

**Tickets required for students and guests**



Guests arrive separately from students. Students must arrive early in order to prepare for the student processional at the start of the show. All general guest seating is open; no seats are assigned. 


No one will be able to attend without a ticket. This is a large event, so there will some waiting in line. Please note the doors to the theater are closed during the processional, so plan to arrive early enough to settle in and use the restroom before the show starts at 11AM.


Guests who require special accommodations should email tisch.salute@nyu.edu as soon as possible to ensure an easy entry and seating experience.

ASL Interpreters will be present for the entire event.


Please check Radio City Music Hall's FAQ's for information on seating for young children and other policies.



Can I reserve tickets for my graduating student?

No, only students may reserve tickets. Be sure your student is checking their NYU email for information and that they reserve academic attire and separate tickets for All-NYU Commencement and Tisch Salute.

We have a large family. How can we secure extra tickets?

We run a ticket lottery after the original reservation period and can usually accommodate extra ticket needs. Students also often get extras from friends who expect fewer guests. NYU offers multiple events during the week to ensure that all guests can experience the graduation celebration season.

As a reminder, students and guests should NOT buy or sell tickets to any NYU graduation events. 

Will students receive their diploma at Commencement or Salute?

No. Graduation is the act of graduating once the student has successfully completed their program of study and their degree has legally been awarded to them, or conferred. Tisch Salute is the event at which they celebrate the completion of their program of study.



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