Salute Speaker

Interested in being our student speaker at this year's Tisch Salute? Below are some helpful hints and steps for submitting your speech!

Remember!  All submissions are due by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12th at 12:00pm (noon).  


Questions? Email

Please note: Tisch Salute will occur during the week of May 17th, 2021 as either a hybrid or strictly virtual event, depending on NYU, State, and Federal regulations around the on-going pandemic. Information will be updated when decisions are finalized. 

Students are NOT required to physically be in New York for Salute in order to apply for student speaker.

FAQ's about being the student speaker

Please visit the Tisch Salute link on the left to access video of last year's student speaker.

Who can submit a speech for Tisch Salute?

  • Any Tisch student who is a September 2020, January 2021 or anticipated May 2021 grad may apply.
  • If a student believes he/she will be a graduate exception (finishing course work in Summer 2021) he/she may apply.
  • Some Tisch departments are also affiliated with the Graduate School of Arts & Science such as Cinema and Performance Studies.  Students in these departments are also welcome to submit a speech.  


Helpful hints for submitting a speech

Tisch Salute is a celebration all of our students who are graduating both in the graduate and undergraduate programs.  Below are some helpful hints for you:

  • Speeches should be no longer than 5 minutes in length.
  • Please remember  the audience:  parents/family, faculty, alumni, distinguished guests, students and Dean Green.
  • Speeches should avoid too many moments that not all students would not have experienced here at NYU i.e. New Student Move-in Day, Welcome Week, etc.  We have transfer students, commuter students, students with children, students in the military and a variety of other populations.  Remember to be inclusive in topic and content.
  • This is a graduation!  We want our speeches to be honest, thoughtful and reflective of your personal experiences, however please remember that graduation is a celebration!


What is the process for submission?

Below are the steps for submission for your speech:

1.  All speeches must submitted no later than Friday, February 12th at 12:00pm (noon)

2.  Please email your speech in Word or PDF formatting to  Your speech must be time stamped by 2/12/21 at noon in order to be considered for Salute.

3.  Students will be contacted regarding their status in mid-March.

4.  Finalists will be asked to present their speeches to the Salute Speaker Selection Committee by the third week of March.

5.  Final selection and notification will be by the end of the third week of March.