Below you will find administrative forms for the Tisch School of the Arts.  Please be sure to work with your academic advisor when filling out any of these forms.

Forms Regarding Majors/Minors

Forms Regarding Receiving Grades/Incompletes

Pass/Fail Grade Request

Students who are requesting to take a course pass/fail rather than for a letter grade may use this form to do so. Students should read guidelines and requirements noted on the form carefully.

Drop/Add Form

This form is for drop/add transactions that cannot be processed via Albert for exceptional reasons.

Off-Campus Registration Request Forms

Academic Advising Forms

Leave of Absence and Withdrawal Forms

Medical Withdrawal Form

Students who find they must withdraw from the university for medical reasons after the second week of classes may use this form to request a medical withdrawal.

Leave of Absence Request Form

If you are currently a student and would like to request a leave of absence you should use this form. Students may take a personal, financial or medical leave from NYU.

Leave steps:

1. Please fill out and return the leave of absence form to your department administrator.  For medical leaves, please return this form to Tisch Student Affairs, ATTN: Leaves.

2.  Please include a paragraph as to why you are requesting your leave with this form.

3.  Please fill out the term withdrawal form online through your Albert account.  Steps for how to fill this form out can be found here.  This form allows offices across the university to know that you are taking your leave.

4.  If you live in housing please call 212-998-4600 to let them know you will be moving out.  Please remember that if you take a leave of absence from housing, you are not guaranteed your housing upon return. 


**NOTE:   personal/financial leaves can only be taken during the first two weeks of the semester during the add/drop period


Medical Leaves:

1.  You will need to meet with a representative from Student Affairs before you leave.  Please contact Avery Fainer at  to schedule a medical leave appointment.

2.  You will need to schedule a medical leave meeting with wellness in order to be placed on your leave.  Please call 212-998-4780 to schedule this leave appointment.

Return from Leave Form

  • Please complete this form (personal/financial leaves) or this form (medical leaves) prior to returning from a leave of absence and send to Avery Fainer at  
  • Please contact your department administrator to let him/her know you are planning to return from your leave.  
  • Please be sure to contact Tisch 3-6 weeks BEFORE registration in order to ensure your return is processed in a timely manner.

MEDICAL LEAVES:  You must also be cleared by the Student Health Center or Counseling & Wellness before you are cleared to return.  For Wellness leaves please call 212-998-4780 to schedule your return from leave appointment and have you complete the certificate of readiness form.  For physical medical leaves please email Avery Fainer at

Applying for Re-Admission to Tisch