Authoritative curriculum information can be found exclusively in the University Bulletin. All other content, including this web-page is for informational purposes only. You can find the curriculum for this program on this page of the Bulletin.

Candidates for the BFA must fulfill the following requirements:

A minimum of 54 points in Area I (Film and TV)

  • History and Criticism (a minimum of 3 courses / 9 units)
  • Core Production (a minimum of 4 courses / 20 units)
  • Production Safety (1 course / 1 unit)
  • Craft (1 course)
  • Screenwriting (a minimum of 3 courses / 12 units)

A minimum of 44 points in Area II (General Education)

  • Expository Writing (2 courses / 8 units)
  • EXPOS-UA 5 - Writing the Essay
  • ASPP-UT 2 - The World Through Art
  • Humanities (a minimum of 2 courses / 8 units)
    Social Sciences/Sciences (a minimum of 2 courses/ 8 points)

Students need a minimum of 128 credits to earn their degree. Electives include:

  • FMTV-UT coursework beyond the 54 credits required above
  • General Education courses beyond the 44 required above
    anything generally not considered a Gen Ed (including but not limited to additional film courses, CAS courses related to Film and TV, painting, sculpting, photography, creative writing, metalsmithing, ceramics, music lessons, experiential learning, service learning, most journalism courses)