Each year, hundreds of NYU Tisch Film & Television students complete internships in different facets of the entertainment industry. Our students frequently land exciting positions at such places as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Fox Searchlight, Anonymous Content, and A24 Films, to name a few. Alumni from our program go on to work for many of the same outfits, and they complete the circle by turning around and hiring more of our students.

Our internship office maintains a vast and growing database of industry contacts in film, television, and other media, including games, magazines, websites and streaming services, theatre, advertising agencies, studio facilities, and camera rental houses. A major in NYU Tisch Film & Television means not just a foot in the door, but a leg up on the professional competition.

Here is some testimony from NYU Tisch Film & Television alumni about their experiences finding and working internships through our program.

“The Tisch Film internship program was the biggest and most streamlined way for me to gain exposure in the TV industry in New York. Coming into college I had little to no network, and these internships connected me with some of the biggest studios worldwide. I spent my two years working for ‘Saturday Night Live’, ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’, and ‘Transformers 4’ with Paramount Pictures, just to name a few! I am so grateful to have built such a strong working community in the field I love, and it is largely thanks to all of the help I got from the internships department. If you reach out for help, you will realize that the faculty will be attentive, caring and persistent in helping you reach your goals. Visit the office and get going! You never know what amazing opportunities are waiting for you!!”

“The Tisch Film & TV internship office has been one of my most-used resources while at NYU. We are lucky to be centered in New York City with opportunities to learn from the top entertainment companies, and the internship office was instrumental in helping me get my foot in the door at these places. My past internships have given me firsthand experience to things I never learned in class, such as interviewing, networking, and working in an office environment. Knowing these skills have made me more confident and prepared as a soon-to-be graduate of NYU.”

“I could not ask for a better college experience than I had at NYU Tisch. Beyond providing me with an excellent education, the program was structured to give me the resources and flexibility to get real-life experience through the robust internship program. While studying film, I was able to get a front row seat to how entertainment companies actually work, how my learning could be applied post-school, and most importantly, gave me the chance to meet the contacts who would help me find great jobs and opportunities later in life. I am recommended for jobs from past internship supervisors even now years out of college, and I largely have the NYU internship program to thank for that.”

And from Film and Television-industry hiring managers who have utilized our internship program:

“We love that the NYU Tisch students we hire into our internship program come from a hands-on, immersive production curriculum. We have seen with prior interns that the curriculum gives the students the general understanding of a film set, including production 101 basics, which allows for them to learn other important aspects of the film and TV business while interning with us. Our Tisch students all know how to edit on the latest editing software and are usually the ones teaching us what is the next best thing! A few of our television executives are NYU grads, allowing us to share our experiences, and to guide and mentor our fellow alumni.”

“Tisch students bring developed ‘soft skills’ and an eagerness to learn to the workplace. I appreciate their enthusiasm, maturity, and their desire to utilize their creative skill set and apply it to the business side of the entertainment industry.”

“The Tisch Internship program is one in a million. We have had a few stellar students from the program spend a semester with our fast paced production company and as a supervisor, I couldn't be more pleased with the friendly attitudes and great tenacity that the Tisch students bring! ” 

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