The department seeks to celebrate and recognize student work in a variety of ways throughout their time at NYU and even after graduation. Starting with the Sight & Sound Showcase in Undergraduate Film & TV and culminating with the First Run Film Festival in NY and The Alumni Party in Los Angeles, the faculty select the best representative works from their classes to screen. These events and screenings serve as simultaneous celebrations of students’ accomplishments while also demonstrating examples and possibilities for future students and showcasing the work for the larger NYU/Tisch community, the general public, and the industry. Students also have opportunities to apply for numerous merit based awards that recognize outstanding work including a variety of Production and Post Production Awards and Writing Awards from the Sloan Foundation that are offered to both currently enrolled students and alumni. The Richard Vague Film Production Fund specifically gives money to alumni to produce their first feature films.

  • First Run Film Festival

    Each Spring, the Kanbar Institute of Film & Television proudly presents the First Run Festival to showcase over 100 advanced projects in film, video, and animation. In its 73 year history, it has premiered the work of many NYU filmmakers, including Oliver Stone, Jim Jarmusch and Spike Lee.

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  • Winter Festival

    Held once a year in December, the Winter Festival features faculty-nominated work by students from the Fundamentals of Sight & Sound Film, Studio, and Documentary courses.

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  • New Visions & Voices:
    The Intermediate Film Festival

    New Visions & Voices is a celebration of work completed by students in our Intermediate Production courses. These up-to-eight-minute-long films feature student work from our Narrative, Documentary, Experimental, and Animation classes as well as work from our Prague Study Abroad Program, which specializes in 35 millimeter film. The festival takes place every fall and culminates in a screening of our top ten to twelve finalists. The Niklas Kalborg Production Awards are given to the top three award winners.

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Student Run Festivals

  • Focus

    The FOCUS Film Festival is NYU’s first-ever film festival to amplify BIPOC storytellers. We are dedicated to supporting traditionally marginalized visions and voices. This festival is a celebratory space where we will come together as a community of changemakers, visionaries, and storytellers. Festival participants will have the opportunity to learn from a prominent BIPOC keynote speaker in the film industry. We will also hold Q & A sessions featuring emerging filmmakers, and there will be prizes to honor our award winners.

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  • fusion film festival

    The Fusion Film Festival is New York University’s premiere film and television festival dedicated to celebrating women in film, television, and new media from student to icon. Fusion was founded in 2003 at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with the mission of encouraging, promoting, and inspiring women filmmakers and the collaboration between the sexes. Every spring, Fusion mounts a multi-day film festival with multiple screenings, industry panels, pitch meetings, master-classes, retrospectives, and student showcases.

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  • Spring Animation Showcase

    Each spring, the Student Animation League (SAL), with the support of the NYU Kanbar Animation Area faculty and staff, host a showcase to share the projects that students have been working on during the year. A screening of the Advanced, Intermediate, and a selection of Intro To Animation films is accompanied by drawings and objects in rooms and booths dedicated to different disciples, such as Life Drawing, Stop Motion, Storyboarding and 3D Computer Animation.

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This Sloan award is designed to assist writers and filmmakers in the creation of entertaining films about science and technology. This award encourages undergraduate and graduate students in the Film and Television or Dramatic Writing to portray intellectually engaging, entertaining images of scientists and their work.
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The Feature Film Award encourages Film & Television alumni and eligible students to produce feature-length narrative films that portray intellectually engaging, entertaining images and more realistic and accurate stories about science and technology to challenge existing stereotypes about scientists and engineers in the popular imagination.
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Richard Protovin Award

The Richard Protovin Award was established in 1992 to honor the founder of Kanbar Animation, Richard Protovin (1945-1991). The Award is given every March to aid NYU Kanbar animation students in the completion of their films. After a judging by faculty members, the $1,000 award is either split between two students or awarded in total to one student.
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The Volker Bahnemann Award for Outstanding Cinematography

The Volker Bahnemann Award for Outstanding Cinematography was established in 2010 to honor Bahneman’s 48 years at ARRI; he served 32 years as CEO and President of ARRI Inc. and ARRI CSC. Mr. Bahnemann was responsible for the initiation, development and refinement of many significant filmmaking technologies such as the ARRI ALEXA, ALEXA MINI, ARRIFLEX 35III, ARRIFLEX 765, ARRIFLEX 435 AND ARRIFLEX 235 camera, as well as ARRI/Zeiss High Speed and Variable Prime lenses. Read More.


A series of live conversations between UGFTV alumni in a variety of disciplines and the faculty who mentored them. How did they get there from here, and ways that UGFTV training, experiences and relationships did and still do serve them. Designed to inspire, inform and keep us connected while apart. Read More