The Student Animation League (SAL) is a student organization which coordinates events for students studying in the Animation Area. These include guest lectures, screenings, drawing exercises, and more. We also forward opportunities to our subscriber list, aiding students in finding collaboration for their films.

SAL also organizes, with great support from the staff and faculty of the Animation Area, the annual Spring Animation Festival, which displays a variety of student work, including a collection of animated films from that year's Intro, Intermediate, Experimental, and Advanced Animation production classes.

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We accept student submissions for both the screening and the gallery portions of the showcase. If you have animation and artwork, please submit both. We'd absolutely love to put your work on display for friends, family, and industry professionals to enjoy.

Each submission will be screened for the Animation Area faculty to determine its placement at the Festival. The goal of the Animation Faculty Selection Screening is to review the submitted films and consider whether or not they are complete enough to be presented as part of the main screening at the Festival. This is not an assessment of the quality of the work nor the appropriate nature of the ideas or themes being presented but, simply that the films are complete enough on a production level to be part of the main screening.  Most importantly that the decisions of the Animation Faculty regarding the selected films are final.

Only animated films/artwork created as part of coursework within the Animation Area are eligible for entry into the Festival.  No exceptions!

The main screening will include finished films from the following classes:

  • Intermediate Animation 
  • Experimental Animation 
  • Advanced Animation
  • Advanced 3D Computer Animation

As time allows, films from these classes may also be considered:

  • Intro to Animation
  • Motion Design and Titles
  • Stop Motion Animation

All exercises, assignments, and projects from the following classes will be included in the Experimental Room, Gallery, and Kiosks:

  • Intro to Animation
  • Motion Design and Titles
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Experimental Animation 
  • Action Analysis I & II
  • Pitching to Pipeline
  • Drawing and Design
  • 3D Computer Animation
  • Intro to 3D Computer Animation
  • Life Drawing: The Figure & Anatomy
  • Storyboarding
  • Visual Effects and Compositing