New Visions & Voices is a celebration of work completed by students in our Intermediate Production courses. These up-to-eight-minute-long films feature student work from our Narrative, Documentary, Experimental, and Animation classes as well as work from our Prague Study Abroad Program, which specializes in 35 millimeter film. The festival takes place every fall and culminates in a screening of our top ten to twelve finalists. The Niklas Kalborg Production Awards are given to the top three award winners.

New Visions & Voices Intermediate Festival – A Short History

While I was serving as Co-Chair of the Festival Committee with Gay Abel-Bey in AY 2009-2010, though our main responsibility was the First Run Festival, we also recognized a need to raise the profile of the work done in the various Intermediate Production classes, which often seemed to be overlooked.  We initiated committee discussions of the situation, and the committee thoroughly considered it and created a new festival.  With the support of the Department Chair at the time, Lamar Sanders, The New Visions & Voices Intermediate Festival was soon premiered.  Sponsorship of NV&V was modest at first, but it grew steadily over the next number of years -- and then took a major step forward with the advent of the generous help of the Kalborg Family.

Niklas Kalborg was a highly gifted student, who was in my Writing the Short Screenplay class and was also working on his intermediate film.  Upon his untimely death, when Niklas’ parents came to New York, I met with them to express my sincere condolences and humbly offer any support I could.  In 2014, in an act of generosity, that they’ve said they have found very healing, the Kalborgs established the Niklas Kalborg Production Fund Awards in memory of their son.  The Kalborg Production Fund Awards sponsored the NV&V 1st and 2nd Prizes (at $4500 and $2500 respectively) for a period of five years and was a tremendous boost to the festival in every way.  At the NV&V Festival in Fall 2018, Ted Kalborg announced the wonderful news that the family would continue to support the festival for at least another five years.

I’m gratified to have helped found this festival and to have served as Chair or Co-Chair of NV&V since its’ beginning.  Most of all, I’m grateful to see that the exciting work done by our intermediate students is being -- and will continue to be -- duly appreciated and awarded.

--Mark L. Arywitz
Co-Chair of the Festival Committee

New Visions & Voices 2020