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New Visions & Voices is a celebration of work completed by students in our Intermediate Production courses. These up-to-eight-minute-long films feature student work from our Narrative, Documentary, Experimental, and Animation classes as well as work from our Prague Study Abroad Program, which specializes in 35 millimeter film. The festival takes place every fall and culminates in a screening of our top ten to twelve finalists. The Niklas Kalborg Production Awards are given to the top two award winners.

2016 New Visions & Voices Festival Winners

First Prize $4500 Niklas Kalborg Award
Harlista Libre, director Hunter Williams 

Second Prize $2500 Niklas Kalborg Award
 Look For Me, director Benjamin R Davis

Third Prize $1500 AbelCine Gift Certificate
Dear Old Dad, director Michael Fegreus 

Final Draft Audience Choice Award
Come Down, director Katie Sandler

IFC Audience Choice Award
Woods Lake, director Natalia Rivas

Craft Awards

Faculty Commendation for Animation
Corinne Stein, Deep Trouble

Faculty Commendation for Comedy Team
Will Thede & Milena Battaglia, D*ck-Head

Faculty Commendation for Documentary
Kayla Carroll, La Belleza Y El Baño

Faculty Commendation for Narrative
Katie Schiller, Swallowing Ants

Faculty Commendation for Short Commercial Form
Jessica Cole, Reppin'

Benjamin R Davis, Look For Me
Hunter Williams, Harlista Libre
Josh Herzog, The Milk Walk

Danielle Kampf, Our Second First Date
Sascha Taylor Larsen, The Milk Walk

Nathan Niamehr, Big Girls Don't Cry
Nora Zubizarreta, Look For Me

Production Design
Milena Battaglia, D*ck-Head
Emory Parker, Changing of the Leaves

Emory Parker, Changing of the Leaves
Avishai Weinberger, Conscience

Sound Design
Alex Hass, The Milk Walk
Will Mayo, Look For Me

Ensemble Acting
Zoe Reid, Carousel
Cronin Cullen, Carousel
Declan Eells, Carousel
Madeline Stedman, Carousel
Casey Crane, Big Girls Don't Cry
Cameron Rose, Big Girls Don't Cry
Stanley Simons, Big Girls Don't Cry

Supporting Actor
Robert McEvily, Jeans
Luke Wehner, Jordan Presents

Supporting Actress
Gayle Landers, Swallowing Ants
Mina Walker, Our Second First Date

Lead Actor
Joe Walz, Conscience
Austin Harri,s Jordan Presents

Lead Actress
Brigette Lundy-Paine, Our Second First Date

Original Score
Ryan Tutton, Changing of the Leaves

2015 New Visions & Voices Festival Winners

1st Place Niklas Kalborg Production Fund
Gallero directed by Andreas Hadjipateras

2nd Place Niklas Kalborg Production Fund
Breathe in Breathe Out  directed by Sachin Dharwadker

3rd Place Abel Cine Production Fund
Excellent Coffee directed by Barak Barkan

Audience Award from IFC
For Eileen, Wherever You May Be directed by Taylor Gonzalez

2014 New Visions & Voices Festival Winners

1st Place Niklas Kalborg Production Fund
 Fish Hook and Eye directed by Chloé Aktas

2nd Place Niklas Kalborg Production Fund
The Bumblebees directed by Sebastian Sdaigui

3rd Place Abel Cine Production Fund
The Ghost in the Scarf directed by Mitchell Zemil

Audience Award from IFC
Italian Leather directed by Daniel Russell


2016 New Visions & Voice Registration and Information: http://forms.tisch.nyu.edu/page/s/NVVregistration