Visiting Summer Students

Our Summer Internship Program is available to:

  • Students who have already arranged their summer entertainment industry internship and are interested in earning academic credit through Tisch Film & Television (subject to approval).

  • Students who are interested in obtaining a media internship for academic credit, with the assistance and counseling of Tisch Film & Television.


Before registering for the summer media internship program, visiting summer students should consult their adviser about having these credits transfer back to their home institution.

How to Apply

  1. Follow the instructions for the Summer in Greenwich Village 2-Step Registration Process.
  2. Send your application materials for Media Internship (FMTV-UT.1037.001 / .002) to the Tisch Film and Television Internship Office,, for official approval.

This must include:

  1. Your resume
  2. A cover letter (one page). In order to facilitate the best possible internship experience, we would like to know more about you. Please include a short paragraph discussing your interest in the entertainment industry, the type of organization you would like to intern for, and the skills and knowledge you hope to gain.
  3. A copy of all college transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

Please send your resume, cover letter, and transcripts to:

Be advised that your enrollment in the program will be pending approval of your application materials. Once approved, you will be given an access code, and may enroll in the amount of credits you choose.

Register for the appropriate number of credits according to how many hours per week you think you will be able to work (see chart).  Most summer internships will require you to work between 25-30 hours per week.  You may make changes to the number of credits you are registered for up until the day before the summer session starts without penalty.

Interns may work more than the minimum number of hours required, but no less.

Hours Per Week
(6 working weeks)
  Total Hours Needed
to Earn a Credit
1   for
50 hours total
2 8-17 hours   for 100 hours total
3 17-25 hours for   150 hours total
4 25-29 hours   for 175 hours total
5 29-33 hours for 200 hours total
6 33+ hour for   225 hours total

Upon advisor approval and registration in the course (FMTV-UT.1037 Media Internship), students will begin researching companies they may be interested in working for. This is done on the Film & TV internship database (only available to currently registered students) and through on-line research, in conjunction with the assistance from the Internship Coordinator. It is recommended that research be completed during the months of March – May. Students are encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible to ensure the most successful internship placement. Please be advised that enrollment in our Summer Internship Program does not guarantee placement at an internship.

Students apply directly to the companies of their choice, schedule interviews on their own, and decide which internship they will use for academic credit.

Upon acceptance of an internship, students must complete the Agreement Packet (available for download) with their internship supervisor, which then needs to be returned to the Internship Coordinator in order to finalize the placement.  Visiting summer students should have their internships arranged before the first day of the summer session they are attending.

For tuition payment information go to Tuition and Fees.