Student FAQs

Internships are an excellent way for students to learn about specific aspects of the entertainment industry and determine what part of the industry they can see themselves fitting into the most post-graduation. Students can even earn academic credit for their internship, if eligible!  

Interested in taking on an internship during your time at NYU? See below for our FAQs from the Internship Office at UGFTV! 

General Questions

What is the role of the Internship Coordinator / Internship Office and how can they help me?

The Internship Office exists to:

  • Serve as a liaison between potential internship employers and the students of Film & Television and Dramatic Writing.

  • Assist employers in advertising their internships to students and understand their responsibilities as internship supervisors.

  • Help to coordinate the Media Internship Courses and help students register.

  • Serve as a resource for students looking to discuss what internship might be right for them, how to apply, and what an internship might entail. To make an appointment with the UGFTV Internship Coordinator, please email 

The Internship Office is not a placement office - as in, we do not place specific students in specific internships. Rather, we help employers advertise their opportunities to our students and assist students in the application process and registering their internship for credit. To see the ways in which internships are advertised through this office, please see the section on finding an internship below! 

What does interning for credit mean?

Interning for credit means that you are earning academic credit towards your degree for your internship. It's the same as registering for an academic course. Just saying "I'm interning for credit" out loud to an employer does not make it so. If you are not registered for academic credit on Albert, you are not interning for credit.

What are the steps if I want to intern for credit?

1. Check eligibility, and register for the Media Internship course.
So you want to get out there, make connections, and gain experience? We like your energy! But first, you must be eligible. Unsure of whether you're eligible? Scroll down to the FAQ titled "Am I Eligible to Intern for Credit?" for more information. Once you have decided that you are eligible, go ahead and enroll! See "How do I register for the course?" for exact course codes. 

The course is variable credit, meaning you can register for a certain number of credits based on how many hours per week you work. See "How many credits will I earn for my internship?" below for information on how to calculate credits. You cannot earn more than 6 credits per semester, and only 24 credits total towards your degree.

You may register for fewer credits than the number of hours you expect to work, but you must always work at least the total number of hours required. Don't worry; you can adjust your credit load during the semester. See more details below.

2. Access NYU Brightspace.
Course information is posted on the course site on NYU Brightspace, which you can find through NYU Home. Please be sure to check or forward your NYU email, as all course information will be sent to NYU email addresses ONLY!

3. Research internships.
Students are responsible for finding and applying for their own internships. However, there are quite a few places to start! Here are a few ways to find internship postings:

- Internship listings can be found on College Central, which Tisch's internal job tracking board. Please click "My School's Jobs" and search there for paid & unpaid roles!

- Email blasts are sent approximately once per week with new internship positions to eligible Juniors & Seniors in both UGFTV and Dramatic Writing.

- View opportunities on NYU Handshake, NYU's university-wide job board.

- Visit the websites for companies you're interested in! Sometimes, companies post internships exclusively on the Employment or Careers tabs of their sites.

- Ask classmates for recommendations on where to intern - word of mouth is a great tool!

- Visit other entertainment job tracking boards like for additional opportunities.

4. Prepare your résumé.
Sample résumés and cover letters are posted on the College Central site, and you can contact TSOA's Office of Career Development for resume & cover letter guides. 

Both the Internship Coordinator and the TSOA Office of Career Development are happy to review your resume and cover letter by appointment. Email to schedule an appointment with the coordinator, and the TSOA Office of Career Development is located at 726 Broadway, 2nd floor.

5. Apply.
Prepare cover letters tailored for 10-12 internships that interest you. Apply via the method indicated in the internship listing.  If submitting your application via email, make sure to attach your cover letter & resume as PDFs.

6. Interview.
Set up and attend interviews prior to the start of the semester. Try to schedule all of your interviews fairly close together, so that you can quickly make a decision about which internship to accept.

Interviews serve as a way for the company to meet you and evaluate you, and you them. They'll probably ask about your interests and experience, and why you want to work with them.  They'll describe the internship in more detail, and ask you if you're still interested in the position. At this point you should ask any questions you might have about the position, indicate if there is something you are particularly interested in learning, and let them know what your availability is for the semester.

If you're offered more than one internship, congratulations! Decide which internship you'd like to accept, and promptly let the other internship[s] know you've accepted another offer but would love to work with them in a future semester.  Or, if you have the time, you may work two internships fore credit (just enroll in Media Internship II for the second one).

I just graduated or am about to graduate Tisch, so I'm on the job hunt! Does the Internship Office post full-time opportunities as well?

Congratulations! The Internship Office almost exclusively handles internships, and only rarely will post full-time opportunities. If you are interested in knowing more about full-time opportunities or want to speak about career options, please utilize the Tisch Office of Career Development: Alumni Career Development - they are the primary resource for alumni such as yourself.

If you are looking to discuss your career more generally, you are welcome to speak to your academic advisor / the internship coordinator about it!

I want someone to edit my cover letter and resume for me! Who can do that?

The Tisch Office of Career Development has drop-in hours for cover letter & resume review!

The Internship Coordinator here at UGFTV can also review resumes & cover letters, but cannot guarantee turnaround time for such requests. To make a request, please send a PDF of your cover letter and/or resume to If you need someone to review your resume & cover letter more quickly, please ask a friend or mentor to do so.

I really want to intern abroad, can you help me with that?

This office primarily works with companies located in the NYC area and sometimes the Los Angeles area and does not typically advertise for companies outside of those two entertainment industry hubs. Be advised that internships abroad can vary in number and type from country to country, and that internships in the way we are used to in the US may look different depending on the country or city you are looking.


Am I eligible to intern for academic credit?

To register for a Media Internship during the academic year (fall & spring), UGFTV students must have completed two Sight & Sound-level courses and be in good academic standing. During the summer, ALL Film & TV students are eligible to register for the Media Internship class.

If you are Dramatic Writing or a Non-Major, please refer to your department's policies about interning for credit. If you are pursuing a Tisch minor and have questions about how an internship would fit into your minor, please email The UGFTV Internship Office does not manage the Tisch minors.

What are the course requirements for the Media Internship course?

The Media Internship course is almost completely virtual outside of two course meetings. See below for a list of requirements.  

  • Search for an obtain an internship

  • Complete internship agreement paperwork

  • Work the minimum number of hours required for the number of credits for which you are registered

  • Attend two class meetings

  • Complete three online written assignments

  • Revise and hand in résumé

How do I register for the course?

You register for Media Internship the same way you register for all your other academic courses at NYU through Albert. You must register for the course code that corresponds with your major/situation. See key below.

Film & TV Undergraduate - 1 internship: FMTV-UT 1037 001

Film & TV Undergraduate - 2 internships simultaneously: FMTV-UT 1038 001

Non-Major Media Internship - FMTV-UT 1039

Dramatic Writing Undergraduate: DWPG-UT 1300

Dramatic Writing Graduate: DWPG-GT 2300

Film & TV Graduate: GFMTV-GT 2337

Remember that Media Internship is a variable credit course. Please go down to the "How many credits will I earn for my internship?" question to see how many credits to register for.

How many credits will I earn for my internship?

The number of credits you can earn is dependent on the number of hours you intern per week. You need to hit the minimum hours required to earn the credit. So say you're at 16 credits total right now and wanted to go for 18 credits total for the semester - you could register for two credits of internship, even if you were going to be working more than 100 hours. These credits are allocated towards Craft for FMTV students.

You cannot complete more than 6 points in a semester.


1 point



50 hours total

2 points

= 7 hrs/week


100 hours total

3 points

= 11-14 hrs/week


150 hours total

4 points

= 14-17 hrs/week


200 hours total

5 points

= 17-21 hrs/week


250 hours total

6 points

= 21-25 hrs/week


300 hours total

Be advised that the above chart assumes 14 working weeks. If you are working more or less weeks than 14 in a semester, please ensure your math is correct.

I'm a Dramatic Writing undergraduate or a graduate student in Dramatic Writing or FMTV. What's my internship process?

Please refer to your home departments' rules about internships and how they fit into your larger degree progress. Be aware that to fulfill your Internship requirement for the DDW degree, you must complete 3 credits of internship (minimum of 150 hours of work). Below you will find the course codes for the internship course for these different programs. These courses are also variable credit, based on hours worked. Please refer to the Credits question directly above for the amount of hours per credit.

Dramatic Writing Undergraduate: DWPG-UT 1300

Dramatic Writing Graduate: DWPG-GT 2300

Film & TV Graduate: GFMTV-GT 2337

I'm a non-Film major and I want to register for Media Internship - how can I do this?

Starting Summer 2019, non-majors who are registering for Media Internship must register in the Non-Major Section - course code FMTV-UT 1039. The course requirements, hour requirements, and assignments are all the same as the other sections of Media Internship.

If you are a non-major registered for Media Internship and would like temporary access to College Central please email with your N# and NetID. Please be advised that this access is only temporary and will cease after Add/Drop for the semester you are registered. You must have already enrolled in Media Internship for access. 

If you have specific questions about your Tisch minor and what your internship requirements are for that minor, please email

I am an international student who wants to do an internship. Is this possible? What do I need?

It is definitely possible for an international student to do an internship!

Typically, to intern legally, international students will register for academic credit and then apply for CPT.  

Sometimes, students will instead apply for Pre-Completion OPT to allow themselves to legally intern in the United States, and this does not require a student to enroll in academic credit. However, it does cut into a student's post-completion OPT year post-graduation.

If you apply for CPT, please list your academic advisor as your advisor.

If you have any specific questions about your visa and how an internship might factor into that, please contact OGS.

What if I want to do two internships in the same semester?

You can do two internships in the same semester for credit. For UGFTV students, you will need to register for both FMTV-UT 1037 and FMTV-UT 1038, one course for each internship. For DDW Students, register one internship with DWPG-UT 1300 001 and your second internship with DWPG-UT 1300 002.

Before agreeing to do two internships for credit, consider your academic schedule and any other jobs or extracurriculars you are committed to. Doing a full time course load and an internship is a big commitment!

I'm interning in the summer for credit! Is the process the same?

The registration process for Media Internship is the same as it is during the academic year! The course codes are the same, the rules about hours/credit are the same, the course requirements are the same! If you are interning in another city besides NYC, you can do the entirety of the course remotely.

A couple things to keep in mind, however:

1. Registering for Media Internship is the same as registering for a summer course. Which means that you pay per credit! Please review credit costs.

2. If you want to receive financial aid for summer session, it usually kicks in at about 6 credits (however, please check with financial aid for specifics about your financial aid package) More about Summer Financial Aid.

3. There are two sections of FMTV-UT 1037 Media Internship in the summer - here's what the difference is!

a. FMTV-UT 1037 Sec. 1 is for students interning for the whole summer (approx end of May - August)

b. FMTV-UT 1037 Sec. 2 is for students interning mostly in the second half of the summer (July/August)

Non-major sections (FMTV-UT 1039) and DDW sections (DWPG-UT 1300) have similar set ups in the summer - Sec. 1 is the entire summer, Sec. 2 is the second half of the summer.

Oh no! I'm an FMTV student who secured an internship even though I'm not eligible to do it for credit. Can I still get credit?

No. We do not make exceptions to this rule.

If you are not eligible to do an internship and secure one despite that, it is up to you to ensure your internship site agrees to allowing you to do it not-for-credit. If need be, NYU can supply a memo acknowledging that we are aware a student is not doing the internship for credit. If you would like such a memo, please email

Oh no! I ended up doing more or less hours at my internship than I originally thought I would. Can I change the amount of credits I'm registered for after the add/drop period?

The short answer is "Yes". Please email with the following information:

  • Your N#

  • The Media Internship course code you are registered for.

  • The reason you need to change your credits.

  • The amount of credits you are currently registered for total for the semester and the amount of credits you are currently registered for in Media Internship

  • The amount of credits you would like to change to.

The internship coordinator will not automatically change the amount of credits based on the Log of Hours form you fill in. This is a paper form that is not at all connected to Albert. You must reach out directly to get this changed.


I just secured an internship! What's next? Does my supervisor need to sign anything? Where do I find that information?

Congratulations! First, ensure that you are registered for the Media Internship course. See above for course codes and credit information. Once you are registered, please go to the NYU Brightspace page for the course (this is usually activated right before the semester begins). Navigate to the "Assignments Tab" - here you will see all the assignments for the course. Refer to the syllabus for more information. Download the Internship Agreement Packet and fill it out with your supervisor. Once complete, please scan and upload it to NYU Brightspace. Also, please be sure to fill out the Internship Information Form with all the information about your internship, which is also available in NYU Brightspace. There is no need to complete this Internship Agreement prior to the semester beginning, and we will not be able to send it to you early.