Procedures for Non-Majors

The Fall 2024 Open Access period for non-majors will not open until July 2024. Please view the Fall 2024 FMTV Open Access List for more information.

Thank you for your interest in our taking Undergraduate Film and Television (FMTV-UT) coursework. The policies and procedures below pertain only to non-Undergraduate Film and TV (hereafter “non-major”) students who wish to take FMTV-UT courses at the Washington Square campus.

Non-majors interested in taking FMTV-UT courses can refer to the Open Access list. Use this list as a reference when planning your FMTV-UT coursework by noting:

  1. The class you're interested in is on the list (if it is not, it is not open to non-majors).
  2. You have met any and all prerequisites.
  3. The date you can register for the class (Open Access Date).

You will be able to enroll if you have met all prerequisites on or after the Open Access date, space permitting. If there is room in the course on the Open Access date, any students on the waitlist will be automatically enrolled (as long as it will not put you over the term maximum for credits and will not cause a time conflict with existing enrollments). For instructions on how to register or use functions within Albert, please contact your academic advisor or refer to the Albert Help Guides. NYU undergraduates cannot self-enroll in more than 18 units per Fall or Spring semester. If a course is not listed, we are not offering seats in it.

Very important: We encourage non-majors to Waitlist and set up an Edit Swap for our courses ahead of the Open Access Date. Edit Swaps automate the process of getting off a Waitlist if a seat becomes available. If you only join a Waitlist but do not configure an Edit Swap, you may not be able to accommodate an available open seat once the Open Access Date passes. If a seat becomes available and you do not have space in your schedule or a successful Edit Swap set up, Albert will skip you for the next student who can accommodate the course. You should watch this video to learn how to correctly configure an Edit Swap, and check in with your assigned Academic Advisor if you have any questions.

For J-Term and Summer courses: Non-majors will be able to enroll in open FMTV-UT classes--provided they have met prerequisites and have a valid registration appointment--as soon as J-Term and Summer registration begins. 

Non-majors are strictly prohibited from reaching out to our faculty prior to enrolling in a course. Non-majors not enrolled in a course (ex. those on waitlists or with no affiliation to the course) who reach out to faculty will be moved to the bottom of the waitlist. 

Undergraduate Film and Television majors are given priority in our coursework. The department reserves the right to manipulate waitlists to advantage Film and Television majors. Students who have declared minors that require some Film and Television coursework (e.g. Producing, BEMT) are not given priority in FMTV-UT courses, even if they are graduating seniors.

Please note: The majority of FMTV-UT coursework requires non-refundable fees. These fees are non-refundable after the Add/Drop period. No exceptions will be made, and under no circumstance can the fees be waived.

If you have questions, please email and include the following with your query:

  • Your name
  • Your N#
  • Cc your assigned academic advisor (from your major department)

Visiting Students who are having difficulty enrolling in FMTV-UT coursework should email and include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your N#
  • Cc
  • The course code (ex. FMTV-UT 1095) and the course title (ex. Producing for Film) for the class in question

Please note that coursework taken outside of NYU does not automatically fulfill prerequisite requirements and that the totality of your experience, expertise, and course history may be taken into consideration. Contacting us prior to the start of the semester is always preferred and increases your chances of being able to enroll in FMTV-UT coursework.

NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai students who will be spending a semester on the Square must make their requests for FMTV-UT coursework through We request that you do not reach out to faculty instructors/departments directly with enrollment requests. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in your request being denied.