Procedures for Non-Majors

Thanks for your interest in our Undergraduate Film & TV course offerings! The following information is for students outside of the NYU | Tisch undergraduate film program who are interested in taking undergraduate-level courses offered through the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film & Television.

Please read the following policies and procedures carefully and thoroughly before submitting a non-major request form!

NOTE: A select number of UGFTV courses are already open to non-majors and do not require a request form. A full list of these courses is available online (see button on the left).  Undergraduate students can enroll in (or wait list for, if applicable) these courses on Albert without restriction – keep in mind that non-film students are restricted to the even-numbered sections only!  Summer courses do not require a request form and students will be able to enroll online via Albert.  

Am I a non-major?
Any student whose primary major is not Undergraduate Film & Television is considered a non-major, even if your course of study relates to film or filmmaking.  Graduate students are welcome to submit requests, but you should check with your home department prior to enrolling to make sure you are eligible to receive academic credit.

The Process, Step-by-Step:
1. The student submits a request online or in person.
Please fill out every section of the form! Do not forget to include your N-number!
2. The Film & TV Office of Academic Support Services receives the completed request form.
You are placed on an internal wait list with other non-majors. This list is separate from Albert, and maintained exclusively by the department.
3. The Film & TV Office of Academic Support Services will be in touch closer to the start of the semester regarding the status of your request[s].
This ensures that all of our film students are given priority to enroll.  About 1-2 weeks before the semester begins, the Office of Academic Support Services reviews enrollment numbers for desired film classes.  If we determine that we are in a position to offer seats, we will reach out to students on an individual basis with further instructions. We will honor the internal wait list order. We will also notify students in the event that we cannot offer a seat in a particular class.  Given that enrollment numbers fluctuate, we will always keep students abreast of any changes in course availability during the formal add/drop period.
4. If the department determines that seats are available, someone in the Film & TV Office of Academic Support Services will contact you with an offer.
Offers are made based on the order in which requests were received.  The Office of Academic Support Services will provide further instructions on how to enroll.  Instructions vary depending on the course. Please note that permission from an instructor should not be obtained unless someone in the Office of Academic Support Services gives direction to do so; instructor permission does not necessarily guarantee enrollment.
5. The only way a non-major can attend a class is if someone in the Film & TV Office of Academic Support Services explicitly offers them a seat.  No exceptions!

Policies & Restrictions:

  • Students can request up to three courses per term.
  • Students are not permitted to attend a class without being enrolled.
  • Students should not request particular sections of a course.  We will offer classes based solely on availability.
  • Freshmen can only request freshman-level courses (Intro. to Animation, Frame & Sequence, Language of Film, Sound Image, Art & Practice, Storytelling Strategies, Performance Strategies). Please note that availability in UGFTV freshman-level courses is extremely limited.
  • If enrolled, the student will assume all applicable course fees as indicated on the reverse side of the non-major request form (also available here).
  • Due to the intense nature of the curriculum, enrollment in some UGFTV production courses (e.g., Sight & Sound) will not be permitted after the first class meets.
  • Failure to adhere to our policies may result in exclusion from a class.

Students Requesting Intermediate and/or Advanced Production Classes:

(FMTV-UT 1040; 1046; 1053/4; 1076; 1077; 1080; 1147; 1222; 1245; 1246)

  • FOR ALL INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED PRODUCTION COURSES: Students MUST have completed Production Safety & Set Protocol (FMTV-UT 101) or be enrolled concurrently with an intermediate or advanced level UGFTV production course. There are absolutely no exceptions.  Students who have not taken FMTV-UT 101 can submit a request to enroll, or enroll during J-term or the summer, where a form is not required.  Please note that due to the unpredictability of enrollment, it is quite possible that student may be offered one, both or neither class.
  • FOR INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL COURSES: In addition to taking safety, Students must have completed two Sight & Sound-level courses. If a student feels that prior coursework or experience is sufficient for substitution, they must meet with the Area Head of Production.
  • FOR ADVANCED-LEVEL COURSES: Students MUST have completed a UGFTV intermediate-level course. There are no exceptions.

Additional Notes:

  • Enrollment is based purely on the day/time a request is submitted. Priority is not given to students based on class level (e.g., sophomore, junior), nor is priority given to students undertaking specific majors or minors.
  • All requests will be considered and processed regardless of whether or not a student meets the prerequisites for a course.
  • If you have any questions about the non-major enrollment process or our policies, please contact the Film &  TV Office of Academic Support Services at


  • Submit a request as early as possible to guarantee a higher position on the wait list!
  • Due to the high volume of requests that are received (over 400 per semester), we thank you in advance for your patience!
  •  If you are a non-NYU student, please contact University Programs for more information on how to apply as a visiting student online here: