Expository Writing Requirement

The Tisch School of the Arts writing requirement consists of two courses - Art in the World (fall semester) and The World Through Art (spring semester). Passing the fall course is a prerequisite for enrolling in the spring course. 

Lectures and workshops focus on how to read complex texts for an understanding of their arguments, and how to write well-reasoned essays supported by evidence. These courses are designed to foster an appreciation of how the arts relate to each other and to society in a changing world, allowing students to reflect on a range of social and ethical issues as they pertain to their own creativity.

Search Albert for EXPOS-UA 5 and register for a lecture and a corresponding workshop.

Note for International Students:
International students have the same writing requirement as domestic native speakers of English.

If you were contacted by NYU Undergraduate Academic Affairs office regarding an assessment to determine your writing placement course, you will be notified of your placement in late May. Depending on the assessment, you may need additional work prior to taking the expository writing requirement course, Art in the World.

If you were not contacted by NYU Undergraduate Academic Affairs office regarding an assessment, search Albert for EXPOS-UA 5 and register for a lecture and a corresponding workshop. Questions? Contact Jean Chen-Villalba at jc19@nyu.edu.

Note for Transfer Students:
Transfer students may be able to substitute equivalent course work taken at your previous university. To fulfill this requirement, transfer students must have completed a minimum of one semester (3 transferable credits) in a course equivalent to Expository Writing/Art in the World before entering Tisch School of the Arts.

Transfer students with a minimum of 21 transferred credits and who do not receive a minimum of 3 transfer credits in expository writing may petition for a waiver of the requirement based on the quality of written work and research accomplished in prior coursework. Please consult your advisor about the petition procedure.