Tisch Summer High School Application FAQ

Detailed instructions for completing the Tisch Summer High School application can be found on our Application Instructions page. Please review the instructions page when filling out your application.

Some of our most commonly asked questions and most frequently encountered issues are addressed below. If your question is not answered on this page, please email us at tisch.special.admissions@nyu.edu and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


How many applicants are admitted to the program?

We receive over 800 applications for our Tisch Summer High School Program and accept a limited number of students to each program. Below you can see approximately how many students are accepted to each program track.

Dance: 24

Drama - Atlantic: 16

Drama - Experimental Theatre: 16 

Drama - Meisner: 32

Drama - New Studio: 48 

Drama - Production & Design: 12 

Drama - Stonestreet: 16 

Dramatic Writing: 24

Filmmaking: 56

Game Design: 16

Photography: 20

Recorded Music: 48


What can I expect from this program?

This program is not a leisure summer camp; it is a commitment of four weeks on campus that encompasses a highly structured class schedule, which include projects, professional training, and collaboration. The classes are based on the Tisch undergraduate curriculum. Students in the Tisch Summer High School Program are expected to complete any coursework and professional training requirements of the artistic track they are enrolled in.

Are these credits transferable as college credits? If so, could they then be accepted to replace a required college class?

Yes, Summer High School students receive four-six (4-6) transferable college credits. Credits that replace a required college class are dependent on the university's policy that will be receiving the college credits. It is dependent on that university's course structure and program requirements. Please visit NYU’s Transfer Credits page to learn more about our credit policy. 


Can I audit or visit a class this summer to experience how Tisch Summer High School works?

No, we do not audit classes at Tisch, including any Summer High School classes. Because of the participatory and creative nature of courses at Tisch, departments do not permit prospective students to observe classes. However, students are welcome to come and visit other NYU classes throughout the year. Classroom visits are offered Monday through Thursday during the fall and spring semesters. If you are interested in sitting in on a class, visit the Jeffrey S. Gould Welcome Center, 50 West Fourth Street, for a list of classes that are open for visitation. You may also call 212.998.4524 for more information. You can also visit the Tisch Special Programs Vimeo page for more insight into each artist track for our Summer High School program.

General Application

I entered the wrong name on my application. How do I change it?

Your first and last name cannot be changed from within the application; they need to be updated on your application portal profile. Once you are logged into your application portal, click the avatar image on the top right of your screen to change your profile settings. Once your name is updated from within the profile settings, be sure to save your settings!

Please note: Your Preferred Name is automatically generated from your First Name unless you otherwise change it. If you change your First Name in your Profile Settings, you may wish to revisit the Contact Details page of your application to make changes to your Preferred Name.

I'm a sophomore - can I apply to the Filmmaking program?

At this time, the Summer High School Filmmaking program is only accepting applications from current high school juniors (rising seniors). If you are currently a sophomore, you are welcome to apply to any of our other Summer High School programs. We encourage you to apply to the Filmmaking program next year!

Is there an audition/portfolio requirement for Summer High School?

There is no audition or portfolio requirement for any of our Tisch Summer High School programs; however, if you have links to artistic performances or materials you would like to share (e.g., YouTube videos of performances, a Flickr account of your photos, or a Vimeo page of your short film), please feel free to include the URL(s) in your Creative Résumé.

How do I apply for the Scholarship?

When your application is submitted and reviewed as complete, you will be invited to complete the NYU Profile Form. Once your Profile Form is submitted and complete, you will then be invited to apply for the Scholarship.

What type of résumé do I need to submit?

Students should submit a creative résumé, listing all training, awards, projects, community service or employment completed in or outside of school. You can also include working hyperlinked URLs on the résumé to websites that show work that you have completed to supplement your application. Please check NYU’s visual guide to a successful résumé.


How can I submit my transcript?

Upload a copy of your unofficial transcript from your school directly to the application portal. There will be a section titled "Attachments" this is where you will upload your transcript. 

If you are unsure of how to retrieve an unofficial transcript, check with a guidance counselor ahead of time on how to obtain your unofficial transcript.

If your school does not release unofficial transcripts, upload a document indicating that your transcript will be sent by your school via email or fax. Contact your guidance counselor to email or fax the transcript. You should provide your counselor with sufficient time to retrieve and process your transcript.

Transcripts must be received by our office no later than the deadline.

Email address: tisch.special.admissions@nyu.edu

Fax number: +1 212-995-4578

Note that your application will not be marked as complete until your transcript is received.


I need to change/correct/update a recommender!

Although you are only required 2 recommendations, your application allows for the input of up to 3 recommenders. Please use your third recommender section to input the correct/updated details of your recommender.

If you have already used all 3 of your available recommendation inputs, please have your recommender email their recommendation directly to us at tisch.special.admissions@nyu.edu.

My recommender says they submitted, but I never received a confirmation email!

Occasionally, recommenders will have filled out the whole form but only "Saved" the form. They must click the "Submit" button to finish their recommendation. Encourage your recommender to return to the form to make sure they have clicked the "Submit" button.

Once the recommendation has been successfully submitted, both you and the recommender will receive a confirmation email that the recommendation was received.

Please note: if your recommender emails us their recommendation directly, rather than using the online form, you will not receive a confirmation email.


Why am I not receiving any emails from your office?

Some students have reported that our emails get filtered to their Spam or Promotions folder. We recommend you put our email address (tisch.special.admissions@nyu.edu and nyu252@nyu.edu) on a no-filter list so you receive all communications.

If you think you are not receiving communications from our office, please note you can also always check your CONVERSATIONS tab on your application portal. Simply log in to your application portal; toward the top of the page you should see the "Conversations" icon. Click this icon to view all emails sent by our office to you, and sent from you to us!

I submitted my application. Why have I not received an update?

Once your application has been submitted, we manually review the applications for completion. This can take some time, especially while the school is closed for the Winter Break. Please be patient as we will review your application for completion as quickly as possible. 

Note that only complete applications are submitted to faculty for review and all applicants are notified at the same time of their final status. Early notification is not possible. Refer to the Admissions calendar for a date.