Student Works Gallery

Each year, Tisch Drama students create and collaborate in more than 100 productions, rehearsal presentations, and curricular projects.

Student work—on and off stage—is an essential part of Tisch Drama’s culture and curriculum. We encourage our students to continually challenge their creative and intellectual capacities. At Tisch Drama, you’ll exercise performance skills by participating in department-wide and studio production lineups that include musicals, dramas, comedies, classical and self-created works. Depending on your field of study, you’ll delve into character, text, design, and music as you work to bring compelling stories to life.

Equally important are works and projects that take place in classrooms, lecture halls, and honors seminars. There, a rich theatre studies curriculum and offerings in the humanities and sciences enable Tisch Drama students to explore the history of the stage and examine performance traditions. Our students are given ample opportunity to discover and practice innovation. Below is just a sample of their work.