Black Student Council


The BSC was founded to support the black students of the diaspora at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. The BSC respresents students of color to the administration, supports and advises affinity groups, and hosts events, programming, and opportunities centered in the black experience in conjunction with other BIPOC clubs and organizations at Tisch and NYU.



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2021-2022 BSC BOARD


BSC's president will guide the organization each school year. This president will write organization's mandate for the semester, detailing the council's goals and objectives and overseeing how they will be met. As chief liaison between the Tisch administration and the black student body, the president will meet regularly with the faculty advisor. 

For 2021-2022, the president will be nominated via an internal process managed by members of SARI (Students Against Racial Inequities), and selected by the faculty advisor.

Vice President

The vice president supports the president in their administrative and other council studies. In the president's absence, the vice president assumes all duties of the president. The vice president also co-directs the yearly conference grant with the event manager.


The treasurer creates, maintains, and tracks BSC's budget each academic year. The treasurer works closely with the secretary to keep all financial documents intact and organized.


The secretary is responsible for all administrative tasks for the council such as recording meeting notes, tracking attendance, overseeing yearly constitutional edits, archiving all of BSC's materials, and maintaining a semesterly log. 

Event Manager

The event manager is responsible for the management and upkeep of all of BSC's events and programs. The event manager also builds and maintains internal relations with other multi-cultural organizations at Tisch and NYU, and co-directs the yearly conference grant with the vice president.

Publicity Director

The publiciy director creates, curates, and manages BSC's social media, websites, event marketing, programming, and communications. 

Artistic Director

The artistic director serves as the liaison between BSC and Tisch club The Collective. The artistic director must either be an active member of The Collective or a member of its e-board. The artistic manager works with the event manager to create and plan BSC's art-centered events.

Outreach Director

The outreach director oversees council outreach programs, including the Alumni Mentorship program. The outreach director also builds and maintains relations with TUSC and the GSO to share ideas on how to best support communities of color at Tisch.

Departmental Representatives

Departmental representatives assist the Executive Board throughout the year, and are obligated to attend and help at BSC organized events. The representatives may provide suggestions and voice concerns to the Executive Board, effectively acting as an advisory board to the council. Departmental representatives serve as liaisons between departments and the BSC.