Black Student Council

The Tisch Black Student Council (BSC) was founded to support the Black students of the diaspora at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. The group represents students of color from a variety of departments within the school. Primarily focused on advocacy, the BSC discusses challenges and progress with the Tisch administration, and works in collaboration with BIPOC clubs and organizations to support events, programming, and opportunities centered in the Black experience.


E-Board and Auxiliary Committee


Tisch Black Student Council

BSC Membership Eligibility 

  • Membership in BSC shall be open to all fully matriculated undergraduate students enrolled in Tisch School of the Arts.

  • Potential candidates must have good social and academic standing (a minimum 2.0 overall GPA) to be eligible to serve on the council.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • President

    • Calls and presides over all council meetings

    • Creates and sends an agenda twenty-four (24) hours prior to each meeting

    • Is the chief liaison between the Black student body and administration

    • Meets with advisors and/or administration on a regular basis

  • Vice President

    • Assists and supports the President in executing their duties

    • In the absence of the President, assumes all the powers and functions of the President

    • Carries out other duties, administrative or otherwise, assigned by the President

    • Oversees the function and operation of the BSC Auxiliary Committee

    • Serves as co-director of the conference grant funding program

  • Treasurer

    • Keeps accurate financial records and justifies expenditures of the BSC

    • Creates a working budget for BSC each semester based on the total allocated budget, which is presented to the Treasurer by Tisch Student Affairs

    • Informs the E-Board of the budget scope and spending targets as they prepare for programs and distribute club funding

  • Secretary/Historian

    • Takes detailed, concise notes and minutes of all BSC meetings

    • Records attendance at all BSC functions

    • Tracks delegates’ unexcused absences and reports absence issues to the President

    • Is responsible for organizing an online archive of BSC materials

  • Event Manager

    • Is responsible for overseeing all BSC events.

    • Is responsible for the logistics of BSC meetings. Ensures that spaces are left in their original condition by directing BSC crew members to support cleanup.

    • Maintains communication with other multicultural organizations, including but not limited to, Black Student Union, The Collective, Divine Nine, CMEP, FLIP, and others in order to collaborate on events and programming

    • Works with the Artistic Director on event collaborations co-sponsored by the BSC

  • Publicity Director

    • Is responsible for the promotion of all BSC events and programs

    • Creates promotional posters, emails, online campaigns, and other advertisements

    • Is responsible for maintaining email and social media accounts

    • Collaborates with Student Affairs and staff/faculty advisors to update the Tisch BSC webpage

  • Artistic Director

    • Collaborates with the Events Manager to coordinate at least one (1) art-inclusive event or program sponsored by both BSC and The Collective

    • Collaborates with the Outreach Director to build, support, and maintain artistic programming for the Tisch community

  • Outreach Director

    • Steers BSC towards relevant social discourse in order to improve advocacy that directly supports students of the Black diaspora in the Tisch community

    • Coordinates collaboration between BSC and external organizations, with respect to guidelines set by Tisch Student Affairs

    • Builds new and strengthens existing relationships between other undergraduate and graduate student organizations at Tisch

  • Auxiliary Committee/Departmental Representatives

    • Committee members are obligated to attend and support BSC-organized events

    • Committee members - composed of departmental representatives from across the school - collect feedback from their respective programs

    • Shares feedback and provides suggestions throughout the year, serving as advisors to the E-Board