Jobs and Internships

Tisch students and alumni bearing Tisch degrees can search for jobs, internships, events and other career-related opportunities by using our online job board, Tisch College Central.

NOTE: As part of the NYU community, Tisch students and alumni also have access to NYU Handshake, which is run by the NYU Wasserman Center. Tisch College Central and NYU Handshake are separate platforms but both contain valuable info! For more info about NYU Handshake, please see the NYU Wasserman section below.

Current Students

  • Visit and click on the “Sign Up” link.
  • Select "Student" and enter your email.
  • Enter your N-number in the Access ID field
  • Create a Password
  • Complete the registration form, including your NYU email and graduation date, which is required for approval. You must be enrolled in a Tisch major to use Tisch College Central. NYU students who are minoring at Tisch and/or taking Open Arts classes and visiting students may not access Tisch College Central - please use the NYU Wasserman Center instead.
  • You will be approved within one to two business days.
  • Once your registration becomes active, log-in here . The school is listed as Tisch School of the Arts.

If you encounter problems (e.g. an error message indicating your account already exists), please contact TOCD during business hours at or 212-998-1916. You can also refer to the College Central FAQ by clicking here.


  • New Members, Register Here. Alumni must include a graduation date to be approved for site access. Failure to do so will delay access to the site. Please note that only NYU alumni bearing degrees from Tisch may have access to Tisch College Central. NYU alumni with Tisch minors should use the NYU Wasserman Center for their job searches instead.
  • Log-in Here. The school is listed as Tisch School of the Arts - please be sure to use that exact wording (not "NYU-Tisch," "Tisch," or "New York University") or you will not be able to access Tisch College Central.

If you encounter problems (e.g. an error message indicating your account already exists), please contact TOCD during business hours at or 212-998-1916. You can also refer to the College Central FAQ by clicking here.

Work Study Positions

Working on campus is a great way to get to know Tisch, New York University, and to meet other students while earning money to defer college expenses. There are on​-​campus positions available at Tisch and throughout NYU. Students whose financial aid package lists “recommended academic year earnings” are eligible for Federal Work Study positions. Please note although this means that you qualify to work in a Federal Work Study position on-campus, this is not a guarantee of a Federal Work Study job on-campus.

In conjunction with The Wasserman Center for Career Development, you can find instructions to begin the process of finding on-campus employment. Don’t forget to stop by our office or Wasserman during walk-in hours to prepare your resume and cover letter!

  • View and search for student employment positions available at Tisch on Tisch College Central. Go to the “Search for Jobs/Opportunities posted to My School” link in your Tisch College Central account and then select “On Campus” in the Job Location menu.

  • For NYU work study jobs or other campus positions outside of Tisch, please refer to the listings on NYU Handshake.

  • Search for positions and contact potential employers directly to inquire about interviewing for positions that interest you. Please make sure all paperwork at Wasserman is completed before going on any interviews.

International Students

International students holding F-1 visas must follow very specific regulations regarding employment, especially depending on nationality. Enforcement is strict and violation of these guidelines may result in the loss of your visa. 

Internships may be permitted through Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT), but only after you've been a full-time student at NYU for two consecutive semesters. 

On-campus jobs may be available at NYU as soon as you begin studying at Tisch but employment is limited to part-time positions during the school year (20 hours per week maximum). Full-time positions are only permitted during official vacation periods (over 20 hours per week). Employment may take place at any NYU office or department, or a commercial firm located at NYU that provides direct services to students (e.g., the NYU bookstore). On-campus employment also includes graduate assistantships or teaching as an adjunct at NYU, though those positions are not common for Tisch students.

Before you begin to pursue internships or jobs in the U.S., it is extremely important that you consult with the NYU Office of Global Services for specific rules and procedures. To learn more about NYU OGS and international student employment, click here.

NYU Wasserman Center

Current students and Tisch alumni also have access to the NYU Wasserman Center, which maintains NYU Handshake, an online database of both on- and off-campus jobs. Students may find Wasserman's resources helpful in identifying sustainable employment opportunities or exploring additional career interests outside of the arts. For more information, please

Internship Grants

Current students can apply for grants to offset the expense of doing an unpaid internship.

  • NYU Wasserman Center Internship Grant - $1,000 grant for fall, spring, and summer internships. Application details are available on NYU Handshake, click here for more info.
  • Ulrich-Stewart Family Funded Internship Award - $2,500 for summer internships. For more info, click here.