ITP Resident Installation for Welcome to Chinatown

Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021

Photo Collage of 4 Photos

Shadow Wall: Stories of Chinatown

ITP's Alum/Resident, Cy Kim's installation "Shadow Wall: Stories of Chinatown" will be at 69 Mulberry Street open from 12pm - 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday 09/18 - 09/19. 

Like the amorphous nature of distant memory, shadows are projections from the physical world that sometimes are clear-cut and other times vague. Regardless of how shadowy a memory might be, it is still able to carry the essential sentiments of the past. The Shadow Wall is an interactive exhibit that puts forth the memories of people who have spent their formative years in Manhattan's Chinatown. By positioning your own shadow to match theirs on the screen, you can trigger and experience each collected shadow memory through photos, written text and narration.

This exhibition shares a select number of intimate stories of generational relationships, community organizations and overall the love and work that has gone into maintaining and growing Chinatown. Although it is only a small slice out of the neighborhood's vast collective memory dating back to its founding, these intimate stories were selected with hopes to encourage the viewers who are not familiar with the history of Manhattan Chinatown and the purpose it serves to be more curious about life in the neighborhood beyond the transactional.My installation 

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