IMA Open Houses

Photo of two people interacting with 3D projection; photo by Christina Hall

Photo: Christina Hall

NYU launched an interdisciplinary undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Interactive Media Arts (IMA) in the Fall of 2018. The IMA program starts from the proposition that computation — the ability to code, learn new software, manipulate data, and create physical+digital interactions — is an essential creative capability, and that students who master those capabilities will be well-placed to invent the future.

We seek students from all different backgrounds who want to experiment with interactivity, creativity and technology in the real and digital worlds. No prior design or programming skills required!

Due to Covid-19, IMA is currently unable to host open house informational events in person. Please join us virtually on Zoom to learn more about IMA at our upcoming information sessions:

Monday, April 25, 2022 NYU Virtual Open House, featuring IMA. RSVP here.

Previous Zoom Recordings here and here!

We are also not able to accommodate any drop-in visitors. If you have any questions about the program outside of the open house schedule, please email with questions.

Please watch our archived informational sessions below!



Second information session video:






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