ITP/IMA Project Fellowship


The Project Fellowship is a one-semester fellowship for people who want to develop a project as part of the ITP/IMA community. Project Fellows have full access to the facilities at ITP/IMA’s campus facility at 370 Jay Street and are expected to create work there. Project Fellows do not get a private office or studio space -- but have full access to shared workspaces and the various ITP/IMA workshops and labs. Project Fellows will be part of a cohort and encouraged to collaborate with each other and participate in a group end-of-fellowship exhibition. 

Support includes:

  • Shared desk space on the 4th floor of 370 Jay Street.

  • Full access to ITP/IMA facilities and equipment during the period of the Fellowship appointment. 

  • Visiting scholar privileges at NYU including e-mail and library access.

  • A stipend of $5,000.

  • Administrative support from Project Residency Coordinator.

  • Floor and facility liaison support from a designated student worker.

  • Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to cover any accommodation or travel costs. The fellowship

    does not include health insurance or other university benefits. Fellows may buy-in to the NYU health insurance plan, but insurance will only be in effect during the one-semester appointment. 


  • Project Fellows are expected to live in the tri-state NYC area. Remote is not possible.

  • Project fellows are expected to spend at least 1 day per week at ITP/IMA. The hours are flexible and can be spread out over multiple days or grouped together for a more intensive mutually agreed upon shorter-term visit. 

  • The duration of the appointment (9/1-12/31 or 1/20-5/31) is non-negotiable. 

  • Project fellows will participate in one orientation session at the beginning of their fellowship as well as an introductory “Meet the Fellows” public presentation of their work. 

  • Project Fellows will share their process and display work at 370 Jay St. and/or in ITP/IMA online community spaces. Project Fellows are invited to participate in a group exhibition at the end of their Fellowship, in addition to submitting a final summary report.


Candidates must be authorized to work lawfully in the United States.

Please Note: Current ITP/IMA students are not eligible for the fellowship.

How to Apply

The deadline for applications is April 15th, 2023. Applications will be reviewed and selected by a committee comprised of the full-time faculty of ITP/IMA. We intend to notify candidates by May 15th, 2023. If you have questions about the fellowship and application process, please contact

Learn about our current and former fellows: (current fellows) (former fellows)