Equitable ITP/IMA

At the beginning of the summer 2020, we announced the formation of a working group, Equitable ITP/IMA. This group was formed in support of the anti-racist movement that continues to grow in this country and beyond, in response to the injustice and systemic racism that resulted in the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others before and since. This movement compelled us to turn inwards and make a more coordinated effort to examine what we can do as a community to address racial injustice and inequity within our department, and through our impact outside of our department. 

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ITP/IMA is a community whose mission is to explore the imaginative uses of emerging technologies — to make people's lives safer, more just, more beautiful, more meaningful, and more fun. We pledge to act and interact in ways that contribute to an open, welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and healthy community.

The scope of this Code of Conduct applies to all ITP/IMA community members (faculty, staff, students, residents, fellows, and guests), ITP/IMA physical and digital spaces (e.g. Email listservs, Yorb, and ITP/IMA Discord server), and all courses, events, and projects created at or in service to ITP/IMA.

ITP Code of Conduct

The ITP/IMA CoC is an evolving work-in-progress document that establishes and communicates the commitment of the ITP/IMA community to uphold a key set of standards and obligations that aim to make ITP/IMA an inclusive and welcoming environment.

The CoC is open to revisions, clarifications, and reconsideration. For more information on how the Code of Conduct came to be, who was involved, and how you can get involved check out the Code of Conduct Development. For questions or suggestions, contact equitable@itp.nyu.edu.

Tisch School of the Arts statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion