ITP's Alum Alexander Lee Shares His Latest Projects

Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021

Sandstone, Acrylic, Oil, Wild boar teeth, nylon, cotton

Photo of 'OFA'I, Pierre Lune

ITP's Alum, Alexander Lee shares, some of his latest projects.

'Ōfai, Pierre Lune is a first tāpa'o in Senonville sandstone, part of a series of works with which the artist forges visual links between French Polynesia and the Meuse. This tāpa'o, which can be interpreted as a sign or a memory-helper, materialized here as a sculpture and reveals archetypes that cross the artistic history of humanity. Six blocks superimposed like a mounted piece evoke Neolithic standing stones, ritual totems, tiki, when the engraved and painted motifs are inspired by cave painting, but also the colors, textiles, tattoos and petroglyphs from the history of France and Polynesia. The juxtaposition of the different states of matter, from the rough stone to its shaping, and the attributes which sanctify it (necklace of teeth, fabrics), tell an archaeological story, not linear but also anthropological, colonial. Alive, the work is updated every year at the full moon by a collective ritual shared with the public.

Commissioned by Vent des Forêts with support from Air Tahiti Nui and the Haut-Commissariat de la République en Polynésie Française

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