ITP Alums Tiri and Sebastián Morales in the National Gallery of Singapore

Monday, Nov 23, 2020

On the left, a circle with stylized words saying "Part of Proposals for Novel Ways of Being". On the right, a rectangle displaying a stylized scroll of numbers as if inside the Matrix.

Screenshot from Negentropic Fields

As a part of a new exhibition at the National Gallery Singapore launching in December "Proposals for Novel Ways of Being", curatorial teams from Inter-Mission and formAxioms have created a project named "Negentropic Fields" for a new online platform for displaying digital and interactive art. ITP alums Tiri Kananuruk and Sebastián Morales Prado will be a part of this new work. Negentropic Fields will launch online and in-person at the National Gallery Singapore⁠ on December 4, 2020.