Films I - M


  • Landline

    I, Chinese

    Keith Leung, UG

    An influencer famous for his racist Chinese impressions faces consequences when his family gets involved.

  • In Freedom

    In Freedom

    Jorge Sistos Moreno, GRAD

    An immigrant couple caring for their grandchildren receives an unexpected visitor after hours, threatening to throw their lives into complete disarray.

  • Leave Your Toys

    In Mind

    Daniel Muller

    Vanessa returns home to help her mother after an accident, but tensions rise when she refuses to take off her hat at the dinner table.

  • In Threes

    In Threes

    Nico Love, UG

    A dual portrait of loners caught in a dilemma of ongoing miscommunication leads both to experience different forms of cathartic release. Shot on three cameras simultaneously.

  • incisor


    Jinho Myung, UG

    Experiencing a painful toothache, Roy Kim, a floater, must address the estranged relationship he has with his dentist.

  • Insatiable


    Rhea Li, UG

    A woman becomes addicted to eating her late partner’s ashes, but when she runs low, she has to go to his widowed wife for more.

  • Iris


    Ben Szemerenyi, UG

    On the night of her first recital since the death of her mother, an aspiring pianist becomes stuck in a time loop and must finally confront her grief in order to break free.

  • Irrational


    Jake Wichansky, UG

    Claudia Geckle has spent the last decade dreaming of becoming the Pi Memorization World Champion. Despite dedicating her life to memorizing pi, she still cannot remember more than a hundred digits, and at the high-stakes, head-to-head pi memorization tournaments she competes in, she often loses to competitors with far less experience than her. With the final Youth Pi Memorization Tournament Claudia is eligible for on the horizon, she hires the eccentric Matheson Tottertips to help train her, confident that this will be the one where she'll finally win.



  • Je Me Souviens

    Je Me Souviens

    Raphael Pettigrew, UG

    After losing his Father, Luc must return to his childhood home for the funeral. Upon his arrival his Mother tries to embrace him, believing him to be her recently deceased husband. Luc quickly realizes that his Father had hidden the extent of his Mother’s Alzheimer’s in a futile attempt at saving Luc from the pain. In a panic driven fervor, Luc brings his Mother to his Father’s funeral in hopes that the shock will “snap her out of it”. After pushing his Mother to the limit, he realizes that the only way to save her is to let her go.

  • Jesa


    Jee Hoon (Fred) Seo, UG

    When a young boy takes part in a Jesa, a traditional Korean family ancestral rite, he discovers what kind of sacrifices his mother makes to maintain a harmonious family.



  • Je Me Souviens


    Nepal Arslan, UG

    Keran arrives at a motel to find “The Box of Memories,” where his parents spent their last few months together. With his late mothers notebook and hand-drawn map, he heads into the forest. Along the way, Keran sets down markers and finds landmarks from their memories. After a series of events, the forest both forces Keran on uncharted paths, and also guides him back to the motel. A mother’s love saves him.

  • Kasbi


    Farah Jabir, UG

    A middle-aged Pakistani housewife, in search of herself, hires a young, self-assured sex worker to keep her company for the night.



  • Layover


    Taylor Lee, GRAD

    An estranged son must wear a lie in order to return home.

  • Little Daughter

    Little Daughter

    Alexia Towle, UG

    The stress of her grandmother's sickness and mother's harshness causes a teenage Chinese girl to binge eat.



  • Magdalena, Te Amo

    Magdalena, Te Amo

    Andrea Calao Buitrago, UG

    Paloma is a young, brown Colombian woman stripping at a Club in NYC, where she is know as Magdalena. One of her costumers tells her he has fallen for her. Paloma is concerned, but for her decision of coming clean to her boyfriend Tomás, a Colombian Prince Charming who has no idea about her job. One of her friends at the club advices her to not threaten the GreenCard Tomás will give her; while the other encourages Paloma to embrace her truth.

  • Meatball Town!

    Meatball Town!

    Bradley Kaufman, UG

    Welcome to the whimsical town of Meatball Town, where meatballs are the heart of the community. he town’s beloved meatball delivery man unfortunately meets an untimely end in a hot air balloon accident caused by the Town Goofball, Scooter Darlin. Scooter, feeling responsible, takes on the challenge of becoming the new meatball delivery man.

  • Monsters Within

    Monsters Within

    Sebrina Dement Semer, UG

    Lilika, a mixed-Filipino therapist with a mysterious past, must face a world of monsters and mythos when a threatening pursuer stalks her to her home.

  • Mouse of New York

    Mouse of New York

    Muhab Wang, UG

    David is an illegal immigrant working as a food deliveryman for a small restaurant in Chinatown. One day, after fulfilling the request of an unreasonable customer, David returns to his scooter to find it stolen. His boss, Old Xv, uses this as an excuse to withhold David's salary for the month.

  • My Partner's Partner

    My Partner's Partner

    Chris Del Rio Solorzano

    Two metamours meet on their mutual partner’s birthday, but as drinks flow, miscommunications unravel in awkward confrontations.