Films T - Z


  • The Dalles

    Texas, Baby

    Tiana Cantu, UG

    Moments before the good ole Homecoming game, the only two Chicanas on their Texas high school drill team are accused of stealing, forcing them to decide what is more important – standing with their team on the field or standing up for themselves.

  • The Box Man

    The Box Man, UG

    Carter Linsley, UG

    An isolated peeping Tom confronts a mysterious man in a cardboard box who's taken up residence outside his apartment.

  • The Jam

    The Jam

    Sasha Manning, GRAD

    At a girls' night out roller-skating, a young woman becomes distracted by her boyfriend's looming presence and must decide whether to leave her abusive relationship.

  • The Longest Memory

    The Longest Memory

    Rono Bijoy Pal and Jett Tessaro, GRAD

    Searching for his lost love, an old man with Alzheimer's loses his grandson in Chinatown and has to remember his way back to him.

  • The People In Costume

    The People In Costume

    Jorge Corona, GRAD

    In an office amidst the bizarreness of Times Square, a student tries to get paid for work he did even though he's undocumented.

  • The Space Between

    The Space Between

    Nadia Fortini, UG

    In the chaotic aftermath of her last night in New York, Zuza, a Polish international student whose visa is about to expire, embarks on a mission to find her missing passport before her flight home.

  • 雨不终日 (The Storm)

    雨不终日 (The Storm)

    Wendi Tang, UG

    In late September 2008, Xiaomin, class president in her elementary school graduating class, is reported by her classmates to have been seen consorting with street hooligans outside the school. Facing questions from people she trusts most in the world, she must challenge the idea of what she really wants.

  • The Thought Of Losing You

    The Thought Of Losing You

    Cassandra Vega, UG

    After losing the grandfather who raised her, Carmen has developed a carelessness for her own life. In an attempt to cope with the loss, she turns to addiction and ends up going too far. In the moments between life and death Carmen sees her grandfather, Grandpa Al, one last time as he challenges Carmen to choose between letting go of her trauma, or dying with it.

  • The Truck

    The Truck

    Elizabeth Rao, GRAD

    An impulsive Chinese American 17 year old and her Iranian American boyfriend search for the Morning After Pill in rural Tennessee.

  • The Vibe

    The Vibe

    Robin Yoon, UG

    For his music video debut, “The Vibe”, rising Hip-Hop/R&B artist Earl Hondo is thrown into the midst of a early 00s Asian gangster film.

  • There's No Werewolves In Newark

    There's No Werewolves in Newark

    Fiona Kane, UG

    “There’s No Werewolves in Newark” follows a disillusioned EMT on the day he quits his job in Newark, NJ. He finds himself entangled in a wild adventure when he takes on a mysterious Craigslist gig, only to discover his employer's explosive secret - she is a werewolf. As he navigates the chaos, he grapples with personal loss and a newfound perspective on life while questioning the supernatural happenings in his city.

  • Three Keening

    Three Keening

    Oliver McGoldrick, GRAD

    Set against a backdrop of the Northern Irish countryside, Three Keenings is a dark comedy film based around the tradition of ‘Keening’, a form of vocal lament for the dead in Gaelic Celtic Culture. It follows the story of Ian, a struggling actor who has the unusual stopgap job of a professional mourner. Ian works the local funeral circuit, getting paid to cry by the hour with his mourning troupe- The Banshees- seemingly detached from the emotion and tragedy around him. When Ian’s apathy is put to the test by an encounter with a young boy who recently has lost his father, a drunken fight ensues and Ian is thrown out onto the street. With nowhere left to go, he travels home where we learn the truth of his turmoil; that he is a carer for his ailing father and has recently received some devastating news.

  • Tragedy Babes

    Tragedy Babes

    Christa Haley, GRAD

    A young woman takes her obsession with social media livestreaming to a dangerous extreme.



  • UME [産め] Or (The Will To Fly Blind)

    UME [産め] Or (The Will To Fly Blind)

    Sam Kumiko Sheridan, UG

    UME [産め] Or (The Will To Fly Blind) follows Ume, a 17-year-old Japanese American girl growing up in New York City. In the midst of an unexpected pregnancy, the story follows Ume in the days leading up to her abortion. She yearns for solace in her single dad - a goofy first-generation immigrant.

  • Until Forever Falls Apart

    Until Forever Falls Apart

    Erin Cummins, UG

    After her little sister, Lucy, goes missing under her watch, Abigail, a 15-year-old girl, attempts to prove her independence and absolve herself from guilt by solving her sister's case one year following her disappearance.



  • Vulture City, Wyoming

    Vulture City, Wyoming

    Anna Keating, UG

    Lost and on the run, a young widow must decide who she can trust among the suspicious single mother who shelters her for the night, the precocious ten-year-old girl who loves to shoot, and the marshal on the hunt for a murderous fugitive.



  • when all is said & done

    when all is said & done

    Satchel Bootch, UG

    In the middle of the night, Jaswant is woken up by Lucy quietly returning home. Having eaten dinner alone, he rejects her atonement and tells her to finish packing. Lucy throws her stuff in the trunk and gets in the shower, where she is joined by Jaswant. A following moment of intimacy on the couch is stopped abruptly when Lucy’s laptop accidentally breaks. She throws it into the dumpster outside and sees the morning sun rising. Lucy comes back in and asks Jaswant to watch the sunrise with her from “the hill” and he declines, citing his distaste for the avocado in her hand. Lucy leaves and returns to find Jaswant unpacking her bags from the car. He tells her he was just, “rearranging some things”, but she knows it’s a lie. Lucy goes to the bathroom and breaks down. Jaswant hears her outside and waits for her to come out. Guilty, he ties her shoelaces and asks if she’s still hungry. She nods.

  • When everything burns

    When everything burns

    María Belén Poncio, GRAD

    After a violent act of protest against developments responsible for intentional wildfires, Isabel is rejected by the volunteer fire brigade she belongs to. As she defies orders and continues on her own, she has an encounter that faces her with her own frustrationAfter a violent act of protest against developments responsible for intentional wildfires, Isabel is rejected by the volunteer fire brigade she belongs to. As she defies orders and continues on her own, she has an encounter that faces her with her own frustration and questions her principles. and questions her principles.

  • When The Sky Falls

    When The Sky Falls

    Caroline Ho, UG

    A carefree rain god and his loyal companion, a dragon who wished to be human, have their peaceful morning interrupted by a blazing phoenix.

  • Where Has Everyone Gone

    Where Has Everyone Gone

    Vedang Lambe, UG

    A competitive cyclist has his world turned upside down when he gets overwhelmed by people’s expectations of him, and finds his inner confidence as he ventures into the unknown.

  • Where Insects Hide at Night

    Where Insects Hide at Night

    Lucas Archer, GRAD

    A 12-year-old boy's obsession with insects and a borrowed Mini DV camera takes him on an unexpected journey during a countryside vacation in 2006, revealing hidden secrets within his family and challenging his perception of innocence.

  • Where We're Going

    Where We're Going

    Deborah Shonack, UG

    River and Eloise’s relationship has been off since River came out as nonbinary a few months prior, which has caused River to hesitate on starting their transition. Their relationship matters more, and River knows just how to fix it. They decide to plan the perfect anniversary surprise to win Eloise back and fix their relationship. At first, things seem to be going well, they even start to become intimate, but the “perfect anniversary” falls apart the second Eloise realizes River is wearing a binder and pulls away from them. Unable to continue avoiding the rift, River confronts Eloise about why she’s been so distant, and through their argument, Eloise reveals she’s no longer physically attracted to River. Upset, River grabs their things, testosterone bottle included, and leaves the apartment. The next time we see River, they’re in an apartment elsewhere, where they take their first shot of testosterone at home, put on an outfit that gives them gender euphoria, and stand outside in the rain, finally free to explore what it means to be themselves.



  • Xiaohui and His Cows

    Xiaohui and His Cows

    Xinying Lao, GRAD

    Xiaohui, a nine-year-old boy, lives with his grandfather in a village in Southwest China, while his parents work far away from home. Xiaohui’s grandpa does cow business for the family and he intends to sell the calf. In order to stop grandpa, Xiaohui tries every possible way to hide the baby cow and the mother cow in the mountains.



  • Zach's Day Out

    Zach's Day Out

    Janae Motley, UG

    A rambunctious toddler escapes the house and shenanigans ensue as his father tries to retrieve him.