Films A - D


  • Ai (Love)

    Ai (Love)

    Stephanie Cen, UG

    At the beginning of the day, Charlie Wu, a 20-year old college student, is excited to share the good news with Xiomara Wang, a 42-year old single mother of two, - she's been accepted into a study abroad program. But, when she asks whether she can go abroad, Xiomara struggles to grasp the idea of her leaving. However, Xiomara can't only think of Charlie. There is Lewis, Charlie's younger brother with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), who has more pressing needs.

  • As to not be alone

    As to not be alone

    Melaine Akoka, GRAD

    In the middle of nowhere, under the burning sun of the South of France, Lola spends her days annoying and pranking her younger brother Nico, who falls for it every time. Their father remains distant, struck by nostalgia. One day, Lola leaves the house alone, equipped with a bottle of wine and a plan, but Nico follows her all the way to the river, only to discover she’s invited a boy. Jealous, Nico tries to keep her attention by any means necessary, struggling to accept a simple and universal fact : you cannot stop someone from growing up. As to not be alone is a story about those who leave, and those who get left behind.



  • "balıkçı ve küçük kız" (Fisherman and the Little Girl)

    "balıkçı ve küçük kız" (Fisherman and the Little Girl)

    Erdal Eliz, GRAD

    Near a small Turkish village, a little girl secretly hops on board into an old fisherman's boat. The sea, a fisherman, one little girl, one blue boat.

  • @buymeadeadjaguar


    Thotti Forneiro, UG

    A black box that reflects upon consumption and free will by manufacturing a surreal jaguar.

  • Being


    Zyne Abdo, UG

    Ella is back in New York City after her first year in college with something to get off her chest. When she shares her secret, her parents shut her out.

  • Burrow


    Lean Chen Baker, GRAD

    An absent mother desperately attempts to win her young daughter's affection during a belated birthday celebration but risks straining the relationship further.

  • Breaking In Brooklyn

    Breaking in Brooklyn

    Michael Colombos, UG

    The music video "Breaking in Brooklyn" begins with Dogpark Band playing in a tranquil open field. As the song progresses, the scene escalates with strong winds from large fans blowing at the band, adding intensity and drama. The climax is marked by a plane appearing and its propellers dramatically increasing the wind, creating a powerful and visually striking effect. This crescendo of the music and visuals combines to create a memorable and impactful finale.

  • Breastmilk


    Ifeyinwa Arinze, GRAD

    When a new Nigerian mother realizes that her inability to lactate might be connected to unresolved tension in her marriage, she must confront her past in order to support her newborn.

  • Brother's Keeper

    Brother's Keeper

    Michael Mango, UG

    Kori's bold proposition to sell the cherished family farm ignites a tumultuous family drama. Joel, the older brother, vehemently opposes the idea, determined to hold onto the land that holds a lifetime of memories. As the fate of the farm hangs in the balance, Joel's visions intensify, blurring the line between reality and delusion. In a shocking turn of events, Kori takes matters into his own hands, secretly arranging a meeting with a potential buyer, the enigmatic Mr. Graham. Desperate to save the farm and salvage his fractured family bonds, Joel takes a turn of his own. Will the bonds of brotherhood prevail, or will the family farm become a casualty of Joel's unraveling sanity?

  • Brownies


    Aisha Ford, GRAD

    Set in 1983 at camp, Snot (12) and her all-black girl scout brownie troop seek revenge on an all white privileged troop for calling them a racial slur. However, things take a left turn which leads to a shocking truth.

  • Bust


    Angalis Field, GRAD

    A trans girl cop with the NYPD goes undercover to make a drug bust.



  • Cabaret Spectacular

    Cabaret Spectacular

    Thomas Meyer, GRAD

    Praised by The New Yorker's Richard Brody as a "secret weapon of independent cinema," Theodore Bouloukos stars in CABARET SPECTACULAR, a buoyant 16mm portrait of daiquiri dreams and Caribbean sunbeams. At a vibrant resort, an endearingly fussy bachelor in the twilight of his life fumbles his way through poker tournaments and eccentric tropical nights in a relentless quest for love.

  • Cabin 3

    Cabin 3

    Ben See-Tho, UG

    To Ken, "growing up" is an existential threat to his way of life. He has everything he needs right here, right now: his best friend Carson, a wide open forest, and a whole summer to do whatever he wants. He and Carson maintain a pact of brotherhood, and believe nothing will ever change that. But when a new girl enters their camp, both start to question their loyalty. Neither one willing to admit that something has come between them, they begin a silent war of one-upmanship, threatening to uproot their perfect little ecosystem (a group of 6 scrappy boys stuffed into one tiny Cabin). Over the course of one peculiar night, they come to learn the real definition of "growing up".

  • Cacique Del Monte

    Mateo Martinez, UG

    After looting and desecrating sacred lands, Aníbal must escape from one of the most ruthless ‘Zars’ in the emerald trade, while holding onto a gem that could change his life. The gods of the Andes are threatening forces to be reckoned with, Aníbal must present a sacrifice to compensate for his misdeeds.

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  • Coins


    Amanta Buzo, UG

    After tossing a coin into a magical fountain, a young girl dives into it herself, swimming into fantastical realms of manifested dreams.

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  • Consider the Facts

    Consider The Facts

    Khiari Jaffier, UG

    Two criminal justice students -- a by-the-books overachiever with a short fuse and her meathead partner -- must learn to work together while interrogating a frustrating suspect.



  • Deep Tissue

    Damien's Gym

    Reece Daniels, UG

    When Marc, an aspiring bodybuilder, gets a chance to train under a former pro, he must decide how far he’s willing to push himself for his dreams.

  • Dancing With The Devil

    Dancing With the Devil

    Liv Pallante, UG

    When two sisters try their hand at a good luck spell the night before a dance competition, they find themselves in over their heads when they summon a demon by mistake.

  • Deliver Me

    Did You Eat Yet?

    Alicia Qian, UG

    As Eunice prepares a meal for her mother, she struggles to navigate the blurred lines of what it means to be a “good daughter,” and the sacrifices that come with chasing your dreams.

  • Dregs


    Jackie Shijie Xing, UG

    Under scrutiny for allegedly assaulting a subdued suspect, NYPD Sergeant Leung faces a moment of hesitation when asked by the persistent reporter, "how would you plead?"