Films E - H


  • Every Other Kid

    Ebb & Flow

    Nay Tabbara, GRAD

    In order to finally have her first kiss with her crush Sharif, Loulwa decides to lie to her parents about her after school activities; and with the help of her best friend Jana, meet Sharif for an after school date by the Beirut waterfront. Just as she’s about to have her fantasy finally come true, a bomb erupts in Beirut, forcing her to immediately abandon her romantic endeavors, and find her way back home safely amongst the chaotic post explosion streets, without uncovering her lie to her parents. Inspired by real events and the political instabilities of the early 2000s in Lebanon, Ebb & Flow explores how children fight to hold on to a sense of normalcy despite the world crumbling around them.

  • ecologics


    Lauren Koo, UG

    A filmic poem about office buildings, growing up, and feelings that are always out of reach.

  • Esmeralda


    Jennifer Greco, UG

    When a young woman, Esmeralda, returns to her native land to confront her mother about a traumatic childhood memory, the two women forge a newfound bond through a shared experience.



  • For the Moon

    F*ck That Guy

    Hanna Gray Organschi, GRAD

    1992 Connecticut. Determined to prove sex is “no big deal,” Frankie recruits her older, high-octane best friend to help her land a guy on the eve of her departure for college.

  • Faccia Brutta

    Faccia Brutta

    Alyssa DiMartino, UG

    At a family gathering, 12 year old Isabella is forced to face the harsh implications of womanhood that her Italian culture has placed upon her and her family.

  • Flesh Without Blood

    Flesh Without Blood

    Nick Duffy, UG

    A mortician, who's so lonely he can talk to the dead in his funeral home, falls head over heels for the attractive new mailman.

  • Floating Away

    Floating Away

    Chloe Lipman, UG

    Set against a summer day on her brother’s 7th birthday, 17 year-old Charlotte navigates the complexities of taking care of Zack while struggling to take care of herself. Forced to be the mother she never had, Charlotte strives to give her brother the attention she never got, but soon feels burdened by her parental responsibilities. Tired of missing out on all the fun, Charlotte drags Zack along to her best friend’s party and leaves him alone to reconnect with her friends. As the night unravels, it may be too late before Charlotte realizes the one person who was always by her side is nowhere to be found.

  • Flour Girl

    Flour Girl

    Jada Bethea, UG

    A closeted, Black lesbian finds herself in court-ordered anger management where she falls for another woman in the group.

  • Fortuna


    Vincent Mocco, GRAD

    A young woman retrieves her engagement ring from a one night stand only to discover that the ring has changed hands.



  • Goodman!?!

    Grandma Nai

    Chheangkea, GRAD

    Long deceased and living at her tomb, Grandma Nai’s peaceful afterlife is disrupted by her oversized family’s obnoxious yearly visit. When she learns of her favorite grandson’s impending engagement to a woman, Grandma Nai follows her family out of the tomb to intervene in the meeting between the two families and help her grandson stand up for himself.

  • Guy's Guise

    Guy's Guise

    Jack Gacek, UG

    A chronically lonely snake attempts to garner the interest of a potential owner by imitating his fellow pet shop animals.



  • Hanna Isn't Here Anymore

    Hanna Isn't Here Anymore

    Robin Zeijlon, GRAD

    An unstable woman assumes a new identity to rekindle a relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

  • He Made His Bed

    He Made His Bed

    Maddy Freeman, UG

    When Tom, a divorced father, travels across the country for a business trip, he visits his older son from his first marriage, Connor, and sees that he is doing well—or at least it appears that way. As he continues to spend time with Connor, Tom learns that Connor’s life without him might not be as great as Connor makes it seem. Meanwhile, at home, Tom’s younger son from his second marriage struggles to cope with his father’s absence. With both of his sons’ well-being at stake, Tom must readdress his approach to parenting and determine how best to raise both of his children.

  • Help Wanted

    Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground

    César Oyarzabal, UG

    In the social platform VR CHAT, players have built a society of their own that re-creates everything of real life on Earth. The filmmaker thus engages himself in a quest to understand what’s the appeal to this ‘second life’.

  • Her Derde Deva / Cure-all

    Her Derde Deva / Cure-all

    Kemal Burak Cuhadar, GRAD

    Emin reluctantly takes his ailing father to a healer, but a mistake puts the remedy at risk.

  • High Fantasy

    High Fantasy

    Wren Haven, GRAD

    Max and Evan struggle to say goodbye during their final DND game before going away to college.

  • High Tide

    High Tide

    Arina Vala, GRAD

    When a mysterious woman wants to be driven to a frozen beach in the middle of the night, her taxi driver starts suspecting that she might take her own life.

  • Holy Water

    Holy Water

    Claire Barnett, GRAD

    Despite her deeply religious upbringing, 15-year-old Lois attends a seance with a group of misfit girls to contact her younger sister who recently took her own life. The threat of hellfire looms over her town like a dark cloud, and the whispers have become deafening. Lois must find out the fate of her sister's soul, even if it means risking her own in the process. Taking place in small-town Arkansas, Holy Water is for those who dared to question, dared to hope, and dared to find the answer.

  • Homecoming


    Monica Mai, UG

    On the night of her senior homecoming, an estranged daughter navigates her dad's unexpected return from prison.