UGFTV Alum Vanessa Benton pens, "how to get away with Murder"

Monday, Oct 28, 2019

UGFTV Alum Vanessa Benton
UGFTV Alum Vanessa Benton

UGFTV Alum Vanessa Benton (2015), first opportunity after graduating Tisch, was on BET's, In Contempt, as a showrunner's assistant. From there, she worked on, How to Get Away with Murder. She started as a showrunner's assistant, then writer's assistant. This season, she was given the opportunity to wrtie an episode of How to Get Away with Murder. The episode will be airing this Halloween (10/31/19)!

Her next adventure is going to be on Netflix's. It will be her first full staff writer position.

In her own words, "Without a doubt, the opportunities I've had since I graduated from TISCH UGFTV could not have been possible without the guidance of some of my professors at NYU. I had the honor of being mentored by Susan Sandler (feature film writing), who has always advocated for me and my art. During my time as a student and beyond, Susan opened doors to opportunities that have been monumental to my career as a writer. Vondie Curtis Hall was a phenomenal professor who was also pivotal to me finding my footing post-graduation. Participating in the Fusion Film Festival introduced me to so many powerful female filmmakers and created a network of women in TV/Film that I have learned from and looked to for guidance and support. Finally, the alumni of Tisch have been so open and caring -- some of who became mentors and guides to me when I moved out to LA."

Congratulations, Vanessa Benton!