Audiovisual Preservation Exchange (APEX)

APEX promotes international collaboration and academic dialogue on film and media preservation in order to safeguard the world‘s audiovisual heritage. APEX is an opportunity for members of the international audiovisual archival community to exchange knowledge and skills in areas such as inspection and care of audiovisual materials, cataloging, metadata management, digitization, digital preservation, and access to collections. 

APEX 2021 Virtual 

The NYU MIAP Audiovisual Preservation Exchange (APEX) 2021 edition will take place virtually, from May 27 to June 2. This year, we are doing a series of online workshops with Video nas Aldeias (Video in the Villages) and Americas Media Initiative / Promedios de Comunicacion Comunitaria, both indigenous media collectives from Brazil and Mexico, respectively. These workshops are made possible thanks to funding from a partnership with NYU Bobst Library and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

We are also doing an assessment of the personal collection of Professor Jorge Ruffinelli, a pioneer scholar in Latin American Cinema and Literature studies in the US, now retired from Stanford University.  We will also hold an online session to collaborate on scanning technical solutions for the Laboratório Universitário da Preservação Audiovisual at Universidade Federal Fluminense (Niterói, Brazil) and Cinemateca de Bogotá, Archivo Vivo (Colombia, APEX 2013).

APEX Puerto Rico 2019

APEX Puerto Rico took place from May 27 to June 7 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We had a record number of institutions wanting to partner. We hope that the common dialogue and exchange through the various open activities planned will turn into long-term collaborations throughout the islands.  We will be working mostly in San Juan and a small group will visit Vieques Island.

APEX Rio de Janeiro 2018

APEX Rio 2018 took place from June 3 to 15 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Students, faculty, and graduates from NYU's Moving Image Archiving and Preservation (MIAP) Program collaborated with colleagues at four institutions in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói, Brazil: the Archive of the City of Rio (Arquivo Geral da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro), the Ministry of Culture's Audiovisual (Archive Centro Técnico do Audiovisual - CATV), the Cinemateque of the Museum of Modern Art (Cinemateca do Museu de Arte Moderna - MAM), and Federal Fluminense University (Universidad Federal Fluminense - UFF). APEX activities were preceded by a two-day summit (June 1-2) in Rio to celebrate and assess ten years of APEX projects across cultural heritage organizations in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ghana, Spain, and Uruguay, and to set common goals for future collaborations. 

APEX Cartagena 2017

APEX 2017 took place from May 22 to May 31 in Cartagena, Spain, and elsewhere in the country's southeastern Murcia region, with additional activities in Madrid on June 2. MIAP students, faculty, and alumni worked in partnership with a graduate student from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and associates from host organizations Memorias CeluloidesRed de Cine DomestícoArchivo Municipal de Cartagena, and Filmoteca Regional de Murcia.

APEX Santiago 2016

APEX 2016 took place during the weeks of May 23 and May 30 in Santiago, Chile. APEX is a collaboration between NYU’s Moving Image Archiving and Preservation (MIAP) Program, the AMIA student chapter at NYU, our partners in Chile—Biblioteca Nacional de Chile (National Library) and Señal Tres la Victoria (community television station). This year marks the fourth APEX organized by NYU students.

APEX Buenos Aires 2015

APEX 2015 in Buenos Aires was the first year that APEX collaborated with a New York University global site, with the participation of two host institutions, el Museo del Cine and TV Pública.

APEX Uruguay 2014

APEX 2014 took place in Montevideo, Uruguay, with the participation of five local instituions: Universidad Católica del Uruguay, The National Image Archive of SODRE, Cinemateca Uruguaya, Universidad de la República, and Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo.

APEX Colombia 2013

A student-led initiative to visit and team up with the Colombian Film Heritage Foundation (Fundación Patrimonio Fílmico Colombiano) for the preservation of audiovisual materials of historical, cultural, and aesthetic importance.

APEX Argentina 2009

A team of film experts and archivists from the United States under the direction of Professor Dan Streible traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina in May 2009 to help the Museo del Cine preserve it's orphan films.

APEX Ghana (2008 - ongoing)

Since 2008, APEX Ghana has aimed to promote Ghanaian audiovisual archives through collaboration and knowledge exchange between Ghanaian archivists, MIAP students and faculty, and our respective affiliated professional networks. Over the years, the exchange has produced a variety of exciting activities: workshops for local practitioners in Ghana and abroad, internships placements for MIAP student interns at Ghanaian institutions, at least one Fulbright Fellowship, and the creation of an audio digitization lab at the University of Ghana's Institute for African Studies Archive. These activities have resulted in increased access to Ghanaian audiovisual heritage for teaching, learning, and scholarship, both today and in the future.

APEX Ghana 2014 - APEX Ghana 2010 - APEX Ghana 2009 - APEX Ghana 2008