Summer Credit and Non-credit Courses

Tisch summer courses provide professional, conservatory training, as well as academic study of the arts. Summer courses are open to all NYU students and visiting students. Undergraduate and graduate courses are offered, as well as non-credit course options. If you're a working professional looking to advance your career or learn something new altogether, an intensive or a non-credit certificate may be right for you.  

Explore the programs and course offerings below to plan your summer at Tisch, then complete the Summer in NYC Visiting Student Application to register.


Summer Session I
Tuesday, May 26 - Sunday, July 5, 2020

Summer Session II
Monday, July 6 - Sunday, August 16, 2020

*Students who are United States citizens or permanent residents may submit their applications for summer sessions up until the first day of each session.


Programs of Study

Courses listed below are from summer 2019. Courses and schedules for summer 2020 will be available in January.


Every year, the Department of Dance stages the Tisch Summer Dance Residency, composed of two intensive three-week workshops for intermediate -to -advanced dance students preparing to dance professionally. Students can enroll for three or six weeks and will study with a minimum of three different dance companies in each session. The program is grounded in strong technical training and the development of the imaginative and creative elements of each student.

Summer 2019 Undergraduate Dance courses.

Learn more about the Tisch Summer Dance Residency and the dance companies for 2019.

Learn more about the Tisch Department of Dance.

Drama and Music Theatre

The Department of Drama offers actor-training programs at all levels, ranging from the Fundamentals of Acting, Music Theatre, Voice Lessons, and Audition Technique to daily intensive study with one of the department's affiliated studios. You’ll complement your practical training with academic study through the department's highly respected theatre studies program led by theatre scholars, theorists, and historians.

Summer 2019 Undergraduate Courses

Summer 2019 Drama Credit Intensives and Courses

Learn more about the Tisch Department of Drama.

Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

ITP is a living community of technologists, theorists, engineers, designers, and artists dedicated to pushing the boundaries of interactivity in the real and digital worlds. Approach the challenges of the information age with a hands-on approach to experimentation, production, and risk-taking in this high-tech funhouse, a creative home not only to its students, but also to the tech industry’s most daring and prolific practitioners.

ITP Camp

Summer 2019 Graduate Courses

Learn more about the Tisch Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Kanbar Institute of Film & Television

Take classes in scriptwriting, directing, producing, shooting, editing, acting, sound, art direction, animation, and distribution at the Kanbar Institute of Film and Television. Year after year, our most popular course is Sight & Sound: Filmmaking. This hands-on digital workshop is designed for those with a love of film but, no previous filmmaking experience.

Summer 2019 Undergraduate Courses

Learn more about the Kanbar Institute of Film and Television at Tisch.

Intensives & Non-Credit Certificates

Devote yourself deeply to a passion or learn a new skill with Tisch Summer Intensives and Non-credit Certificates. Summer intensives and certificates come with a pre-designed curriculum to immerse students in dramatic writing, filmmaking, photography, dance, or musical theatre. Some intensives may require a program application prior to completing the Summer in NYC Visiting Student Application.  

Summer 2019 Non-credit Certificates

Filmmaking Certificate
Producing Certificate
Screenwriting Certificate
Television Writing Certificate

Summer 2019 Intensives

Summer Dance Residency Festival
Summer Drama Credit Intensives and Courses
ITP Camp

Non-Credit Courses

Each summer, Tisch offers visiting students from NYU and beyond the opportunity to take non-credit courses in film, photography, dramatic writing, dance, design, drama, and recorded music. These courses are designed for students who are not interested in pursuing a degree, but instead are looking to gain experience while taking courses at a discounted rate. The courses are taken for non-credit and are non-transferable. Students are expected to have met all prerequisites for each course prior to enrollment.

Summer 2019 Non-Credit Courses

Online Courses

Writing for the Screen
NCRD-UT 1000

Participants will examine the principles and processes of writing for the screen. Topics include finding and developing story ideas, film language and script structure. By the end of the course, students will have participated in in-depth film analysis and intensive screenwriting exercises and discussions. At the end of the course, students are expected to complete a film treatment (prose description of your film) with a step outline for a feature film or T.V. episode you plan to write. In addition, you must hand in the first scene (3-5 pages) of your script with dialogue.

Online High School Filmmakers Workshop
Open to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors.


High school students will work together online with other emerging artists to create and upload skill-building projects, inspired by daily exclusive video lectures. You’ll connect for one-on-one video meetings with your Tisch instructors to get valuable feedback. Over four weeks, you’ll develop your writing, directing, shooting, and editing skills to produce a variety of short films — all while taking part in a new form of creative community that is the next wave of film education.

NYU Precollege

Rising high school juniors and seniors are invited to take college-level courses with current college students through NYU Precollege. Tisch offers a select group of courses in drama, film and television, and games. Dive into your chosen area of study at a university level while earning academic credit, which may be applied to a future degree.

Learn more about NYU Precollege.