Scholarships and Financial Aid for Summer in NYC


Below are the awarded amounts for summer 2022. Summer 2023 awards will be announced by spring 2023.

NYU Students

Summer 2022 Awards:
Enrolled 1-5 units — no scholarship
Enrolled 6 to 8 units — up to $1,700
Enrolled 9 to 11 units — up to $2,550
Enrolled 12 units or more — up to $3,400 

NYU undergraduates do not need to complete an application to be reviewed for NYU summer scholarship. All students are reviewed for federal financial aid as long as they have a valid FAFSA on file, are enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits (combined total for all summer sessions), and are otherwise eligible. Visit the Office of Financial Aid website for more information.

NYU Graduate students will be reviewed automatically by NYU Financial Aid based on enrollment of at least 6 units or more, OR fewer than 6 units with half-time equivalency.

Visting Students

Visiting students should check the NYU policy on financial aid for non-NYU students here.

Refund Policy
If you drop a course or withdraw from the university completely, your tuition and registration fee charges are subject to the university Refund Schedule policy. For more information on the Summer 2022 refund policy, click here.