Playwriting in London

What can you expect to do in a 14-week playwriting program in London? Reinvent yourself as a writer in a city with a rich dramaturgic history.

How about an in-depth study of the structure; the beginning, middle, and end; originality; characters, conflict, imagery, and the pitch? Most importantly, you write a freshly conceived full-length play or two one-act plays while living in one of the most historic and theatrical cities in the world.

“The Program raised the bar for what I believed I was capable of achieving as a writer and left me with experiences that I will not soon forget ... from experiencing Shakespeare at the Globe, to viewing spectacular theatre in world-renowned venues ... London was everything I hoped it would be and more."  
— Bethany McHugh

Program Overview

The tutor leads structured lectures on the elements of playwriting and dramaturgy three times a week in Bloomsbury. As the semester progresses, the creative work of you and your classmates becomes the subject of readings, in-class workshops, and critique.

At the end of the semester there will be a rehearsed reading of a section of your play.  You will be able to cast the actors from the RADA program having had the chance to watch them at work in one of their Shakespeare play projects. The audience is made up of all the students in the London program together with faculty members and guests. This is a crucial part of the London program when everyone comes together at the end of the semester to celebrate the work that has been achieved.    

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre
Photo by Lori Shearer


Your semester abroad consists of your core program course plus additional NYU London courses, completing a full-time, 16-unit semester.

Core courses can meet on Wednesday or Thursday. We suggest that you select companion courses that meet on Mondays or Tuesdays. For questions about scheduling and registration, please contact

Please Note: Students studying abroad on a Tisch track are not eligible to pursue an internship (except for Theatre in Ghana and Television Writing in London). Tisch programs do not provide work visas.

Intermediate Playwriting (Core)

IDWPG-UT 1049 | 4 units | Instructor: Alexandra Wood

This is an intermediate course for students with some playwriting experience. The central aim is to guide the students toward reinventing themselves as writers. In this process, students will learn to reappraise famous plays of the past and analyze the plays of their contemporaries, including their fellow students. Students initially are taught the process of playwriting (especially in relation to UK practice), from development to stage to printed page. Guest speakers for the course are drawn from British playwrights and/or other leading practitioners in the field. This overall approach will lead to a reexamination of the basic elements of playwriting, including the creation of story, character, and theme. Students complete this course with a clear idea of their interrelation and, more particularly, of how original stories can be invented, original characters created, and original themes put into dramatic harness. Along with the study of further dramaturgical elements, students are encouraged to look at their plays from the perspective of the actor, the director, the designer, and the audience. By the end of the semester, students complete the first draft of a freshly conceived, full-length play or the second draft of a one-act play for the stage.


Program Dates

Fall 2024

Student Arrival: August 27, 2024
Student Departure: December 13, 2024

Dates are tentative and subject to change. Visit the NYU London website for more information. 



Dramatic Writing Majors: Playwriting I (DWPG-UT 30)
Film/TV Majors: Storytelling Strategies (FMTV-UT 20)
NYU and Visiting Students: College level experience in dramatic writing

The fall 2024 application is closed.

Acceptance to the program is by audition/interview as well as application review. Please read the following application requirements before starting your application.

For more information please view our Admissions Calendar.

Note: Students should wait to receive their admissions notification and confirmation that the program is running prior to purchasing airline tickets. Students accepted to the program should purchase refundable airline tickets and/or travel insurance in the event the program is canceled or program dates are changed due to world events. It is strongly recommended that students purchase insurance for trip cancellation, flight cancellation, luggage loss or damage, as well as medical and accident coverage.

Gold statue at the roundabout in front of Buckingham Palace.

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  • Academic Year 2023-2024* Full-time Tuition, 12-18 unit flat rate per term: $33,194

Additional Fees Include:

  • NYU Housing: Visit the NYU London website for housing options and descriptions.

*2024-2025 rates TBA

Please review the Tisch Special Programs cancellation policy.

Visit the NYU Office of the Bursar for additional information on tuition and fees.

The Victoria Tower Gardens

The Victoria Tower Gardens
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Scholarships and Financial Aid

There are opportunities for financial assistance to study abroad.

Please review the Scholarships and Financial Aid for Study Abroad page for more information.


Visit the NYU London website for housing options and descriptions.