Tisch Study Abroad/Away FAQ

Do I need to have a passport at the time of applying to study abroad?

Yes, you must have and upload a valid passport at the time of your application. The passport must meet all of the parameters listed below. There are no exceptions. If you have more than one passport, upload both.

  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months past the end of the program you are applying to.

  • Your passport should contain at least two adjacent blank pages. 

If you are in the process of renewing your passport at the time of application, you must upload the passport renewal receipt in place of your passport. Once your new passport is received, you will need to email a copy to Tisch Special Programs Admissions at tisch.special.admissions@nyu.edu. Applications with an invalid passport are considered incomplete and are not reviewed.

If I apply to more than one program on my application, will I be considered for all my choices or just my first choice?

Your application will initially be reviewed for your first choice program, and you'll be notified of your admissions status specifically for that choice. If you meet the qualifications for your second choice, it will be assessed only if there are available spaces after admitting candidates for their first choices. However, if you select one of the Drama programs as your second choice, you'll be evaluated for both choices regardless.

Students Applying to Drama Programs for Second Choice:

If you apply for any of our Drama programs as your second choice, you'll be assessed and informed about the admissions decision for both your first and second choices. This is because Drama programs have an audition component.

Students Applying to Television Writing in London:

If you're applying for the Television Writing in London program, you cannot select a second choice program. This ensures that applicants are fully committed to this specialized program.

What is the difference between NYU Tisch Study Abroad/Away and NYU Global Study Abroad/Away?

NYU Tisch Study Abroad/Away programs are specifically arts-focused and include intensive and specialized practical training in a particular craft of study (e.g. acting, filmmaking, playwriting, screenwriting, etc.). NYU Tisch offers these programs through partnerships with local arts institutions and organizations. The NYU Tisch programs typically include a core course with companion courses. 

NYU Global Study Abroad/Away programs offer a varied curriculum and academic studies in areas such as anthropology, business, comparative literature, economics, history, politics, sociology, and more. Some locations also offer academic internships. Language immersion opportunities are also available through NYU Global.

Can I study abroad for more than one semester?

Due to visa and other administrative processes, it may be possible but not guaranteed to study abroad for multiple semesters. It is highly recommended that you get in contact with the Tisch Special Programs office at the time of application, or earlier, to discuss your request. Additionally, you should discuss your plans with your academic advisor to ensure you are fulfilling your degree requirements.