ITP Alumni Featured in MAXlive Festival 2023

Thursday, Oct 12, 2023

(From Left to Right): Matt Romein, Sister Slyvester, Kate Ladenheim, Mike Tyus and Luca Renzi, Composer Paula Matthusen and Musicians from The Knights, Lisa Jamhoury, Modesto “Flako” Jimenez, Paul Pinto, and Kameron Neal.

MAXlive Festival 2023 Lineup

MAXlive 2023 Where is My Body?

November 8-11

A festival of music, dance, and interactive performance, featuring ITP alumni Matt Romein and Lisa Jamhoury, that explores how new technology shapes our relationship to our bodies. Through beauty, humor, violence, and augmented sensory capacities, these new works tackle the unstable dynamic between real and virtual bodies, and allow us to reencounter ourselves as individuals and in community.

Make sure to check out the programs at ONX Studio, 645 5th Ave, Lower Level, NY 10022 and click here to purchase tickets:

Bag of Worms, by Matt Romein

November 10, 7:30PM & November 11, 2PM

In this irreverent live motion capture theatrical performance, creator Matt Romein plays a tyrannical disembodied head, leading performers and the audience through a series of increasingly violent and over-the-top scenarios.

Inspired by video game modding and body horror, Bag of Worms considers the human body as something that can become possessed, deformed, and broken, eliciting discomfort and questioning how we should treat bodies in digital and physical spaces.

Maquette, by Lisa Jamhoury

November 10, 7:30PM & November 11, 2PM

Art, technology, and history intersect as the captivating live performance Maquette traces the human body’s passage into the virtual realm.

Lisa Jamhoury’s live interactive performance Maquette leverages motion capture technology, avatars, and dance to explore the parallel histories of averaging and idealism in art and society. Live performers’ movements drive avatars in a projected virtual world, creating a genre-bending story that unfolds both physically and digitally, and traces the body’s passage between realms.