ITP's Alumnus' work featured on NFT Culture Proof

Thursday, Nov 4, 2021

NFT Culture Proof Banner

NFT Culture Proof

NFT Culture Proof is part of Refraction Festival and the RefractionDAO, and is a collaboration between ITP's Alumnus Nathaniel Stern and Scott Kildall.

NFT Culture Proof launches Nov 9, 9am PST!

  • a participatory performance on the Blockchain

  • a completely on-chain collaborative text

  • a collective artwork and crypto-native NFT series

NFT Culture Proof is a 32-day Blockchain performance, where every participant continuously adds to a collaborative stream of live but immutable text, which will be permanently placed on-chain. Each day, there are “writing prompts” from artists, thinkers, and writers in the cryptoverse, which will both focus and drive the texts we produce. It is the first large-scale Blockchain work of its kind, making the public ledger an active stage for collective creativity.

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