ITP Alum Yucef Merhi received a fellowship to join the MIT Open Documentary Lab.

Sunday, Aug 29, 2021

Headshot of a male in a grey collared shirt.

Photo of ITP's Alum Yucef Merhi

Each year, Open Doc Lab hosts a limited number of distinguished artists, creative technologists, journalists, and scholars who want to engage deeply with new documentary storytelling techniques and technologies in a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment. ITP's Alum, Yucef Merhi, has recieved a fellowship to join the MIT Open Documentary Lab.

At OpenDocLab, Yucef will be doing research on how to reduce electronic waste by framing outdated technologies as artistic endeavors. He is calling this approach “Retrocycling”. To attain this vision, he is going to investigate alternative applications for discontinued consumer electronics that can help to renovate their function, maximize their creative potential, increase their value, and extend their life span.

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