ITP Alum Open Exhibit at Kinescope Gallery

Friday, Dec 7, 2018

doodles of a man carrying a load on his back which looks like floorplans

Fillmore Projects

ITP Alum, Molly Schwartz, opens her animated exhibition DRIFTERS, curated by Fillmore Projects for Kinescope Galery. The installation is viewable outside, daily from 4pm-10pm, now until early January. Viewable from the street daily from 4-9pm, DRIFTERS is an installation depicting an animated, migratory world—an alternate look at human movement, property, ownership, and the fictional possession of space. 

Comprised of a projection onto the large four-paned gallery window, with luminescent line drawings on the walls behind, Schwartz creates figures that are in perpetual motion, drifting toward an unseen destination. There is a redundancy to these forms, projected in a window, in a building, on a block, within a grid, in a city. The bodies, as well as our own bodies, are removed from this replicating series of straight lines. Permanence is the fiction, impermanence is the reality/fact.

Opening reception this Sunday, December 9 from 5pm-7pm.  

Kinescope is located at 616 East 9th Street (B/C). Please stop by to see the installation Sunday and then warm up with us around the corner at Royale (157 Ave C).