ITP students win NYU Fall 2017 Prototyping Fund Awards

Friday, Oct 13, 2017

logo of NYU Prototyping Fund

NYU Prototyping Club

Congratulations to the ITP students who were selected for the NYU Fall 2017 Prototyping Fund Awards!

Aduri: Smart meditation cushion that helps amplify and track meditation practice to make it easier to learn and more enjoyable to practice.   Team: Jesal Trivedi, Tisch ITP '18

Programmable Breadboard: Educational breadboard that does not require jumper cables.Team: Amitabh Shrivastava, Tisch ITP ‘19

WAVR: Neuro-controlled VR technology that monitors alpha waves during meditation, which offers an immersive mixed reality experience. Team: Sean Kim, Tisch ITP ’18


The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute and the Tandon Greenhouse are pleased to announce the awardees for the Fall 2017 Prototyping Fund! The NYU Prototyping Fund awards teams of students up to $500 to build prototypes and bring their ideas to life. This cohort marks the 9th iteration of the Fund and we look forward to seeing what the teams accomplish over the duration of the semester.

The application committee was pleased to see such a diverse set of ideas and cross-collaborations among NYU schools this semester.  We received over 50 applications from 9 different NYU schools, with 11 teams representing cross-school collaborations. This semester, we selected 15 teams representing 6 NYU schools, and totaling over $5,000 in grant funding!

Awarded teams will spend the semester exploring, testing, and iterating on their prototypes. The teams all gathered at the Leslie eLab on Tuesday (10/3) to formally kick off the program and review the basics of prototyping. Participants gained valuable insights from meeting each other and remarked upon the variety of topics addressed through prototyping. Projects range from mindfulness apps to smart recycling technology, wearable technology, and AR applications. This cohort is highly engaged with the entrepreneurial community at NYU; some of the teams are also participating in the Ignite Fellowship or competing in competitions such as 300K Entrepreneurs Challenge, Healthcare Makerthon, and NASA’s Big Idea Challenge for university students.

Learn more about the teams below and save the date for the final showcase on Wednesday 12/6 at 12:30 pm to see the fantastic prototypes built by these teams.