DIY Tactile Graphics Workshop

Image of Zoom workshop session.

Sighted designers are all too familiar with 2D design, but have you ever considered 2.5D design? Tactile graphics are a fantastic way of collaborating with designers who are blind or low vision. The Ability Project typically uses embossers or microcapsule fusers to make tactile graphics, but we no longer have easy access to this specialized machinery. Good news is that we can still make tactile graphics from home! In fact, there's a long history of DIY tactile graphic design—with students, designers, and teachers using collaging techniques to make one-of-a-kind pieces. In this workshop, we will cover the history, basics, and best practices of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tactile graphics. We'll use materials found in our homes to make our own works of art. Please come to the Zoom meeting prepared with a stylus or pencil, some paper, and a wooden cutting board. If you really want to join the party, grab some scissors, glue, tactile junk from around the house (get creative!), puffy paint, or hot glue. It's going to get messy and fun!

This event will take place via Zoom on Tuesday, July 21st from 3 - 4 p.m. (EST). Please RSVP here to receive the Zoom link.