Showing Your Work Well: Show Production Tips

Black and white image of ITP students in the lounge listening to a lecture

Thinking of a project for the ITP show this spring? Got a public showing of your work coming up somewhere else?  Tom and Ben and Rob are co-producing the ITP show this spring, and in this session we'll talk about the issues and production techniques we consider when we're putting a show together. These are things that will help you present your projects well, whether here at ITP or in another public setting. Things we'll discuss include:

* How to set up a display stand
* Consider the available light; how to make your project look good in any light (not just total darkness)
* Traffic flow. How to keep viewers comfortable in and moving through  a public setting, and how to arrange projects to support that.
* Working with producers, curators, and gallerists: what they (or we) need from you, and how to get the most out of the relationship.

We'll also try to answer other questions you've got about this show, and about what we know about public showing in general.