Brooklyn Research

Brooklyn Research, a creative space focused on technological innovation

Brooklyn Research is an interdisciplinary creative space focused on technological innovation. We provide a platform for established artists, technologists, and futurists to create engaging discourse and experimentation. Through innovative workshops, lectures, and digital media, we hope to build an empowered audience through an understanding of the technology that informs our daily lives.

As technology continues to integrate with society at large, the perceived boundaries between science, art & design will continue to dissolve. As a multidisciplinary space, we believe in a non-hierarchical epistemology; conditions of knowledge are predicated on the lateral movement of ideas. We welcome different methodologies of interrogation, but ultimately our goal is to create a space for technological innovation and futurist expressions.



Johnny Lu is a co-founder of Brooklyn Research with a background in media studies, film production and computer science. His work at Brooklyn Research often involves software development and systems integration. Of the entries for Johnny Lu on IMDB, he is at least three of them. He believes a key element in resolving New York City’s mass transit woes is to integrate its various commuter rail systems and to operate them as through-running S-Bahn/Regional Express Rail.

Alex Dodge is a co-founder of Brooklyn Research and a visual artist. He oversees physical and material prototyping at Brooklyn Research's commercial operations. His artwork is included in a number of public collections including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, and The New York Public Library. Dodge is an adjunct faculty member at The Rhode Island School of Design.