Paper Tech: New Projects & Active Questions

Image of woman standing next to giant cardboard hand.

Please join us on Tuesday, October 5th from 6 - 7 p.m. EST for a talk by Kelli Anderson.

I've found that design—and paper engineering in particular—enables one to find possibility hiding-in-plain-view in our world. Interactions with even the most ubiquitous, low-tech materials can reveal amazing facets of our reality. This is because these radically minimalist structures still behave in concert with the physical and social forces which structure our world. With no hidden parts, humble paper can act as a direct interface on sound, light, and time; making these abstractions tangible and accessible, in a way that more black-box tech obscures. This talk will focus on work-in-progress: Alphabet in Motion, a paper pop-up book about sound, my continued risograph animation experimentation, and Paper as Interface.

Kelli Anderson is an artist, designer, and animator who pushes the limits of ordinary materials to seek out possibilities hidden in plain view. Her projects have included a pop-up paper planetarium, a book that transforms into a pinhole camera, a working paper record, and… techniques for misusing beige office equipment to produce animations. Intentionally lo-fi, she believes that humble materials can provide entry into the endless, tunneling complexity of our world, making those wonders accessible on a human level. She is currently completing Alphabet in Motion, an interactive book on the relationship between typography and technology with Letterform Archive.

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