Lili Cheng: Conversational AI

Image of woman wearing a black shirt smiling.

Please join us on Thursday, September 23rd from 1 - 2 p.m. EST for a talk by ITP alumni, Lili Cheng.

Lili Cheng is a Corporative Vice President of Conversational AI at Microsoft. Her work in computer science and technology, has focused on communication, language, user interfaces, social computing platforms, operating systems, and computing education. Her work has impacted hundreds of millions of users, and millions of developers, and she has as co-authored over 100 patents.

As part of a long-term focus on STEM education for all students and created two annual symposiums to expand impact of technology to social scientists (Social Computing Symposium) and design schools (Design Expo). Lili was born in Tokyo, Japan, and grew up in Omaha Nebraska. Her first career was working as an architect on large urban design projects in Tokyo and Los Angeles focused on building community in the built environment, and she has three children and live in Bellevue, Washington.