American Colon: Comic Book Talk

Image of cartoon man lying hospital bed.

Please join us in-person on Friday, October 8th from 1 - 2 p.m. EST for a talk by ITP alum Jonny Goldstein.

American Colon is a comic book documenting Jonny Goldstein’s medical odyssey dealing with colon cancer. The goal is to translate a difficult personal experience into art, both for therapeutic purposes and to build awareness of colon cancer which kills enough people in the USA in a single year that if you stacked them end to end the tower would go higher than Richard Branson’s recent suborbital space flight. Jonny will show samples of the comic, describe his creative process, and will ask for feedback on the work as well as ideas for maximizing awareness of this creative work.

Jonny Goldstein is a multidisciplinary artist and art educator based in New York City. He creates live hand drawn information murals for corporate, nonprofit, and governmental organizations from SF to Sweden. Recently diagnosed with colon cancer, he is currently creating an autobiographical comic about his medical odyssey. The comic is called American Colon. Jonny has taught visual sensemaking at Carnegie Mellon University, University of the Arts, and NYU. He is a member of the clever and good looking ITP class of 2004.