NYU Langone Digital DesignLab

Image of poster for NYU Digital DesignLab.

Ideas for digital health innovation can come from many sources, including from patients, advocates, clinicians, or academics. However, the journey from innovative idea to an actual digital product can be complex, time consuming, and costly.

Digital DesignLab is a new lab dedicated to making this process much easier by providing operational strategy, technical assessments, and human-centered design methods. We help NYU Langone Health clinicians and researchers focus, prototype, test, and validate their ideas.

Our flexible and scalable approach enables us to handle all kinds of projects, from purely technical to more product-driven solutions. Recent projects include a child psychiatry mobile app with a game for kids, a clinical decision support tool, a pain management prototype for in-hospital use, and a ‘clinic of the future’ visualizing how digital tools will improve healthcare experience.

Join us September 27 at 2pm at 370 Jay Street, 4th Floor Room 408 for a deep dive!